Advice to get started on pools and acquire burst!

  • Hi all,

    Trying to get started and of course need Burst to even do that 😞 I tried a number of faucets but the well seems dry and the pages don't even work. With crypto scamming im a little wary of that approach too.

    I have 13tb plus more to plot if its successful but need a good pool to join and a few Burst to get started. I will of course pay back as I receive them.

    Any recommendations on a good pool? Or with this space should I go solo?

    My account is BURST-7Z7F-SCEQ-8GGC-2YXGC

    Thanks all for the help!

  • admin

    @viewtek Try - use the Burst to join a pool NOT to set your name.

    13TB is not enough to solo mine - you don't want to think about it with under 200TB.

    As for a pool, I'm biased ( 😃 ) but: