Not getting Paid for mining

  • Hello all, sorry if this is a stupid question but I've been struggling in getting paid from a pool while mining Burst Coin. I've tried and I mined that for 7 days. It all looked good and I was submitting shares but never saw anything in my wallet.
    I then went on to try and I've been mining that for about 3 days, same deal no payout.
    I'm mining with about 85tb currently and will probably add another 40tb if I can get this working.
    I was debating about going solo but never could actually download the blockchain.
    I've tried the following steps:
    Installed the Qbundle and updated it fully.
    My wallet is active, I currently have 14 burst sitting in there.
    I've set the Reward Assignment to the pool I'm mining on. I did this by clicking on the wheel in the upper right side of the qbundle software and clicking "Set Reward Assignment.
    I then went to the "Tools / Set Reward assignment" and added my account, put in the pool account for (then when trying them) and telling it to use my online wallet. The account is my wallet account.
    So far nothing, I've checked the blockchain and it shows that I'm mining on but I don't reflect it on their site. I didn't check this when I was trying

    THoughts? I'm sure I missed something so if anyone needs more information please let me know.


    Wallet: WJAQ-TTJT-U7TM-6BKRF

  • Did you show any deferred earnings on the pools you were mining on? The pools will accumulate deferred earnings so the transaction fees will not eat up your profits. some pools defer until 500 is earned. with 85TB, that would be a few weeks at least. If you left a pool awhile ago, the deferred earnings will probably not display until you become active again, but they are still there, at least in most pools.

  • I guess I'm not sure how to tell. I can't find my name, or account on their site. I do see my name on the burst explorer when looking at their address but it doesn't show anything mined. How would I find that information?

  • @ixupi If the data is correct it is impossible that you have mined for 7 days since the account was created on day 3 and today is day 8.

    Forgetting about that little detail pays every 500 burst or every 14 days, but also keep in mind that it is a pool that is set up so that the first days cost more to earn but then if you change the pool you will continue accumulating burst

    You can upload a screenshot of your miner?

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    @ixupi As Energy said, a screen shot of your miner would help a lot.

  • Thanks for the replies. I have switched back to due to this conversation. Sorry if my dates are off, I've been working on this on/off for months trying to learn the processes. I've lost 1 wallet (can't log into it) so getting close is exciting.
    I logged in this morning and the computer must have reset (I'll blame Windows update) so I restarted the miner. I've attached a screen show.

  • @ixupi , your numeric account on your plot files link to account SAWM-ZWXL-V5NH-662Z6 named "Mail Wallet", not WJAQ-TTJT-U7TM-6BKRF.

    SAWM-ZWXL-V5NH-662Z6 is set for pool and you have about 180 in the account.


    Here is the current display on the pool page (21 deferred, 161 total paid:


    Hopefully it's not the wallet you said you couldn't access any more (but I fear it is). If it is, you have to replot your drives to the account you can access. Hope this helps.

  • @rds Well then, that makes a ton of sense. Thank you so much for your help!!!
    To all those that helped, please let me know where you would like me to send some Burst. I greatly appreciate you all taking time out of your day to help me, especially when it's a dumb mistake.