Is it possible to mine alone? Just for test?

  • the idea is to only try, if someone could help me I appreciate it

  • Well, it depends on your budget and possibilities. Actually, there are two major types of mining: hardware and cloud. The first one requires some equipment like GPU or ASIC miners to start getting crypto. Probably yes, you can do it alone, but in this case you'll need to focus on minor coins, not BTC. The thing is that Bitcoin hardware mining is extremely difficult, so, you'll be needed to build an expensive farm to compete with mining companies. The second option is cloud mining, where you simply rent remote equipment, the power. Cloud sites aren’t highly profitable, you can get income only from long-term data plans. Besides, a lot of small cloud services are scams. You can check large sites like Genesis or CCHMining (the latter offers some promos – But remember that mining can’t guarantee profits. Always evaluate risks and possibilities.