I would like 250 USD in Burstcoin, please...

  • Interested in buying burst, around 250 USD worth, via Paypal. I am willing to pay in 10 USD at a time over a long enough time that I can't reverse the Paypal, since I've read that's a problem. I don't know how long it is before Paypal payment becomes permanent. Essentially, I'll buy in whatever way will make you comfortable if I can. Let me know if you're interested.

  • @j48jf34k , if you send friends and family, I don't think you can claw back. Don't know this for sure but @haitch implied it awhile ago when he was transacting using paypal. Right now Burst is .025887 per coinmarketcap. So $250 USD is 9657B. I have transacted a few times with forum member like @Jaxblack. He sent me the money to my paypal, I sent him Burst. If you want to do it, send me a message. I will give you my paypal info. When I get the money, I may not see it right away, no more than an hour or two. I will look at the 5 minute bar on the coinmarketcap Burst chart for the time the money posted on Paypal and give you that exchange rate.

  • @j48jf34k @rds I will vouch for rds, we have completed transactions multiple times and he has honored the transaction each time.

  • @rds What you propose sounds perfectly fair to me. This will be my first time doing a transaction like this. I don't even use Paypal that much, honestly. I appreciate that another forum member has vouched for you. For my own protection, if I'm paying first (and that is fine with me), I'd still like to do a couple of exchanges in the 20 USD range first to test the waters. Alternatively, if you're willing to pay first with a large amount approaching the 250 USD range, I am willing to give you a 5% premium over the exchange rate for that transaction time for your trust and my convenience. Either way is all right. I suppose you need my burst account information? How do you communicate Paypal information? On the forum or some sort of private message?

    Sorry; very new to this! Have a nice day.