What if features of Burst

  • So I have been thinking about how Burst can improve and here is some of my ideas that I would like to bounce of the community.

    • What if Burst transaction cost was locked to a percentage instead of 1 Burst per transaction. So, lets say Burst has a locked 1.5% transaction fee for all transactions. If i wanted to send someone 1000 Burst it would cost me 15 Burst or if the price of Burst reaches a value of $1000 and I only wanted to send someone $100 of Burst (0.1) it would cost me 0.00015 Burst.
    • What if Burst had the option to send private transactions like Zcash. Could be good for just being to send money to friends and family. But it can also be exploited for bad stuff like Human trafficking. I'm 50 - 50 on that one.
    • Encrypted messaging AES 256 or higher. This I think would greatly benefit the coin because it would keep protect the block-chain from harboring links to very bed websites (child abuse, etc) and exploit code that can infect a user if they try to browse messages in the block-chain. Bitcoin has this problem currently and people who have a copy of the block-chain could be held legally liable for having malicious code or bad sites on their computer.

    Any thoughts?