Trying to replot for PoC2 with gpuPlotGenerator -> Seg fault

  • I think gpuPlotGenerator now supports PoC2. So, I pulled the latest and recompiled so I'm on v4.2.0. But it stops a few seconds in with a segmentation fault error.

    GPU plot generator v4.2.0
    Author:   Cryo
    Bitcoin:  138gMBhCrNkbaiTCmUhP9HLU9xwn5QKZgD
    Burst:    BURST-YA29-QCEW-QXC3-BKXDL
    Loading platforms...
    Loading devices...
    Loading devices configurations...
    Initializing generation devices...
        [0] Device: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (OpenCL 1.2 CUDA)
        [0] Device memory: 256MB
        [0] CPU memory: 256MB
    Initializing generation contexts...
        [0] Path: /media/howard/Burst000_001/10416370877270674602_0_3560354_22114_2
        [0] Nonces: 0 to 3560353 (869GB 232MB)
        [0] CPU memory: 5GB 408MB
    Devices number: 1
    Plots files number: 1
    Total nonces number: 3560354
    CPU memory: 5GB 664MB
    Generating nonces...
    0.00% (0/3560354 remaining nonces), 0.00 nonces/minutes, ETA: 6y 41w 1d 11h 14m 0s...Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    I have tried changing the maxWorkSize in devices.txt to larger and smaller values, but the error is the same. The screenshot above was done with:

    0 0 1024 8 8192