Optimized Plots for PoC2

  • Hi all,
    if I get it right we should have optimized plots after the hardfork for the PoC2. I heard about converting mechanism but how does this work and does this converting takes as long as plotting the harddrives? Is it possible to optimize the disk before the hardfork?

    Many questions hope someone can help 😉


  • admin

    @ciscler If you have not optimized plots, you should maybe replot with POC2 insted of 1. optimize and 2. convert ... surely depends on whats faster for you. You could also simply keep your POC1 plotfiles, but after the fork it would take ca. twice the time to mine a POC1 plotfile compared to now. Best suggestion is maybe ... do not panik 🙂

    By the way, you can test how your mining setup will behave after the fork, as you use jminer. Get latest version and set
    'poc2ActivationBlockHeight=400000' (will cause miner to convert POC1->POC2 ... double the amount to read)
    The deadlines will not be confirmed, but you can test how 'slow' your setup will be after the fork and if you would run in any issues.

  • @luxe Thanks. I tried to set this parameter and it take almost double of the time.

  • admin

    @ciscler Yep, same for me ... but as long as you do not run into memory issue, it will at least work. Now it is on you, how fast you get your plots converted. Best case would be to maybe convert up to 50% until the fork happens, and than convert the other 50% after it to reach normal scantimes again. Thats at least my strategy so far.