Update on pool.burst-team.us

  • admin

    After one of the forks and subsequent restarts, the DB on pool.burst-team.us got irreparably corrupted - it wanted to pay out more Burst to every miner than will ever exist ......

    To get the pool back up and running again, I've rebuilt it from the .EU VM. This means that the .EU miners are going to get a double payout.

    For the payments that have not been sent out to burst-team miners today, the Burst are still in the pool account. Once the stats have updated and reflect the actual miners at burst-team, I'll release the pool funds + extra from me as a one time bonus payout. People payments will be off what should have been paid out, but no one should be impacted too seriously.

    My apologies for the pool disruption.


  • @haitch Thanks for staying on top of this issue to get things back in order.