Burst Hard Fork

  • So with the hard fork coming up. I've seen people on YT making videos that the fork will drive the price up 400%. It's not just 1 person saying it. Where are they getting this % from? Is there any truth behind it?

  • @tylerk07 0 "truth", 100% speculation. In crypto, there's no single party that can truthfully make the statement "price will go up xyz%" for a decentralized coin. Such statements are opinion/speculation, but only that!
    The fact that more than 1 are saying so is likely just an echo effect. Sheep tend to baaa after they've heard baaa 😃

  • @includebeer what would a hard fork typically mean to you? Price rise or decrease

  • @tylerk07 I think that thinking in terms of price is the wrong way to think about any hf. All a hf is is a non-backwards-compatible update of the software. This happens all the time in the SW world (being a dev in rl).

    IMO, the crypto world is overly-sensitized to hf's, simply because updates can trigger market movement (and we all know, 1/2 the community only cares about prices). Unless you're a day trader though, this is only a side-product of a hf. The main of it is new features! ...or at least changes which enable new features down the road.

  • @includebeer oh cool, I didn’t know all that. Thanks for the info!

  • @tylerk07 My advice: anytime you have questions on a topic, google your question. Chances are, someone has had a similar question and you'll find the answer somewhere on the first page of search results. It's the easiest way to learn about all the nuances of blockchain & crypto. Of course, you can usually find someone in a forum who is knowledgeable, too 😉 😃

  • hard forks bring new features, updated features, hardened network features etc etc …. its like a new version of software. I like the burst hard fork it'd get rid of a lot of ancient gremlins and bring more confidence.