More Viixim Hardware for mining builds.

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    They're not just providing HDD's now. For those wondering about how reliable these guys are, I'm running over 100 of their drives, and the one I had an issue was replaced without an issue. I also know a number of you are already using them.

    I have the below mining hardware available to me. All new factory sealed units. Maybe when you have a moment can you post to the forum? Have people reach out to me if anything is of interest and I will provide a price. Thank you!!


    Matt Jiron
    Viixim Inc.

    1926 Kellogg Ave #102 ← New Address please update your records
    Carlsbad CA, 92008

    Phone: 760-756-9500 Ext. 1001
    Fax: 760-615-7075
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: Matt Jiron

  • @haitch I could potentially be interested in 1 MSI GTX1060ti 8GB or 4 powercolor reddragonrx580's depending on the price point you are able to get them for.

    Are you perhaps able to send me a direct message and we can discuss there?


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    @eq Email Matt - I just post the info. He's an easy guy to interact with. If you'd prefer I contacted him, DM me,

  • @haitch yep sounds good, will do. Thanks

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    @eq Just mention you got the info from here/me to get the best price,

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    Message from Matt:

    Hello Hamish,

    I hope all is well sir. I am wanting to run a special on some 8TB.
    WD80EZAZ - $165.00 (15pcs)
    WD80EMAZ - $170.00 (5pcs)

    If you are not in need on any right now. Would you kindly post to the forum. It would be very much appreciated. Please let me know. Thank you sir!!

    Matt Jiron

    Viixim Inc.