[ANN] Lucky Games Investment Asset


    This asset will gonna be like a Casino Asset!!! So here you're not a gambler, you are actually investing in the casino! Well i suppose that every investment is a gamble but here you have bigger ODD's...

    I was thinking in one way that we can make BURST grow, and i think that the only way i can help in this coin for now is creating a serie of Assets that will make a lot of money goes from one side to another increasing the network usage.
    So that's what this asset is about! This asset will create various lucky games...
    For now we will start with only three games: one HiLo, one 3 TO 1 ODD, and a big Lottery called BURSTMillions... More games will be released as soon as some money begin moving into the asset direction!

    This asset will collect fees from every single game created by me or any shareholder that want to invest in the company value and keep a fee in their asset for this asset too (After all this asset will belong to the shareholders not only me)... And will collect from Lotteries JACKPOT's too! So now you can bet in the game and then you could have like a rakeback on your (or other people) losses by buying shares of this asset. ;P

    Company Informations:

    Wallet: BURST-NJ8L-2M2S-DKP6-GGTWC
    Asset ID: 7632839862847733693
    Total Assets: 10.000.000
    Actual Release: 1.250.000 Assets at 20 BURST

    50% of the total amount of Asset's belong to gpedro... The remains 50% will be released by at least 4 phases at probably different prices so run if you want to buy some of this at this SALE price?!


    Share Holders will receive 75% of what is in the wallet in the beginning of each month...
    I will charge a fee of 5% I will only charge a fee of 1% for the work related
    And will be kept 20% And will be kept 24% for be divided into the creation of new assets, supporting a fund with the purpose of make money move from one side to another inside BURST World, and if this fund goes big enough to contribute in the crowdfunds that are relevant with the purpose of value this coin and so values the company and all shareholders wallets (even the investments made out of this company and his assets)...

    Asset Releases

    1st release - 1 250 000 Assets (12.5%) at 5 BURST each SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS?!
    On the first release of assets i will only keep 5% over the value of Shares sold, the remain amount will be redirected for the creation of this "NON-Profitable" fund, witch could be the most profitable thing if this could create a lot of BURST being moved inside the network increasing the network usage!

    2nd release - 1 250 000 Assets (12.5%) at 20 BURST each

    On the second release of assets i will only keep 10% over the value of Shares sold, the remain amount will be divided between a wallet that will be created for the investment in the creation of things such as a Web based Casino version (50%), a Faucet (20%) and the "NON-Profitable" fund (20%), witch already have a "Giveaway Asset" that will pay 1% interest on every sold share on the end of each level with the only goal of increasing the network usage.
    Open Assets Information:
    HiLo Game:

    • Wallet: BURST-W29T-RNKG-AY9F-ECN6W
      - Bet HIGH FOR THE WIN: 8898207681276582192
      - Bet LOW FOR THE WIN: 589092512080474229
      - Total Assets: 50.000 on each side of the bet
      - Value: 5 BURST
      - Payout: 192.8% over the asset cost
    • Game Thread: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/919/new-hilo-game-asset
      - % Fee Collected: 90% of the 4% over collected value


    • Wallet: BURST-8VVU-TKJ2-29BB-C6EAV
      - Bet 1 FOR THE WIN: 2766720906303244223
      - Bet 2 FOR THE WIN: 9200925810943541986
      - Bet 3 FOR THE WIN: 3966022374690570689
      - Total Assets: 10.000 on each side of the bet
      - Cost per Asset: 5 BURST
      - Payout: 270% over the asset cost
    • Game Thread: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/920/new-3to1odd-s-game
    • % Fee Collected: 80% over the asset profit


    NON-Profitable Organization Fund:

    The purpose of this fund is to generate traffic on the network by just having like applications for those BURST exchanges lost in everybody wallets and use them to make transactions... My math tell me that with around 1.000.000 BURST "giveaway" i can collect around 100.000.000 BURST and then payout that 100.000.000 with a interest of 1% payed by the 1.000.000 and the best thing is that the payouts are on each level not in the end of collect the 60.000.000...
    So with around 1.000.000 BURST i can manage that 100.000.000 BURST were moved to one side of the network and then 101.000.000 for the other, so 201.000.000 BURST will enlarging the network usage!

    If you just want to donate for this cause you are welcome, use the wallet address below...

     - Fund Thread: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/931/ann-non-profitable-fund-of-burst

    From the first released were added almost 6 000 000 BURST to the fund

    Invest wisely... This first release is for build a ground on this fund so we could start valuing this coin (and this asset of course...) and because of that the assets are at sale price...

    I'm very new in this cryptocurrencies things but always loved to try breaking the maths of games and now i can build my own games (xD), if anybody have an idea of a game that could be put into an asset and joined here just PM me and i will see what i can do!

    I've heard of some assets that has been turned into scams and that is the opposite of what i want for this... I'm very new in BURST but i'm contributing every single day with everything that i have! For who never heard of me probably you should take a look over the forum, sometimes i make the most dumb questions but the most of the time i'm trying to help others with things that already hapenned to me or that i know how to solve, I've translated the Portuguese BURST website with some help of @JohnathanMoura and now i take care of it, actually i just bought the www.burstcoin.pt domain thanks to @LondonMP, i have much more projects BURST related (including Faucets, and some other stuff) that already came to my mind and some that will come with the time. So you should take your own conclusions about if you trust me or not?!

    For the most skeptical here's my Facebook Page! If you are one of those really really skeptical and want to see if i'm the real person of facebook page (just kidding LOOL) you could always come to Portugal, and i promise that i will pay you a beer... xD

    Any doubts just ask... i'm thrilled to respond to all of them!

    Asset Holders follow this page so you could be all informed, probably will be polls to make decisions about the future of the company, and you should be a part of it!

  • Can you explain each game please 🙂

  • @mathew i'm doing a thread for each one of them...

  • 😞 only had enough money to buy 584 shares. Hope I can buy more in the future for the same price 😛

  • @gpedro said in [ANN] Lucky Games Investment Asset:

    @mathew i'm doing a thread for each one of them...

    Company asset will pay out monthly correct?

  • @mathew 584 shares at 5 BURST are a great deal if the value of this company rise to the double on the second release and i don't have doubts that it will values more... So...

  • @mathew yes on the beginning of each month and over the total of the wallet witch theorical will rise over time because of the 20% being kept and if it is doing a lot of profit that 20% will begin more games witch will generate more profit...

  • @gpedro This looks like it will be fun, now we just need to get it web based haha

  • @mathew i'm happy to do it if someone with some more experience than me on that could join me in that project... I could even transfer some of the assets of the company so we can merge the Casino and turn this into something real huge...

  • someone just bought all the assets....Damn you save some for me!

  • WOW never thinked this would sold out all in some hours... i'm thinking on the second release now?!

  • @mathew A new batch of assets has been released... This time is at 20 Burst a piece... I'm sorry that you couldn't grab some at 5 Burst SALE price?! May be it's better to invest now before someone else buy everything again and the price rises?! The major goal is that the 50% of the shares are being sold until the end of the month so we could start valueing this project and could everyone collect the earnings on the end of the month... Don't forget about the Fund that has now his first giveaway active so everyone grab some coins from the faucet or just round up your wallets there and you will paid in the end of the level (every release)?!

  • @gpedro would this not be easier to make into a website so you don't have to keep editing the thread and making more assets every time you want to do this?

  • @ddos by one hand yes and i very much prefer that every games were on a site and just have assets of the Lucky Games and the ones the fund creates so we can help BURST... But i don't have the knowledge to do so... I swear i tryed xD i've been looking for platforms already made but the ones that are recent are only paid, @caligiuri is trying to help as long as he have time, so if anybody wants to join the Lucky Games Team just say so we can work something out! ;P
    That's the reason i said in the post that if anybody wants to help with new kind of games or if anyone had some value to the asset, the asset or me or both (depends on the value) will pay in shares because this is an asset of the shareholders not me...
    For now that i know about, @Zeus is working on a web based casino platform and if he wants to give some % of the casino profit to this asset we will pay him in shares... And if someone has some value to increase on this asset we will make the efforts so this could generate a good revenue for everybody while we help BURST rise...

  • @gpedro said in [ANN] Lucky Games Investment Asset:

    @Zeus is working on a web based casino platform and if he wants to give some % of the casino profit to this asset we will pay him in shares...

    @Zeus appears to have come quite far with the web based casino. Will there be some kind of collaboration between the two of you, and will the assets you have launched somehow interact with each other?

  • @Propagandalf I proposed something to him but i don't think he wants something collaborative between the assets... I'm in vacation and i'm thinking in a way of reformulate Lucky Games Investment Asset so this could adapt to the market changes, since there are no big interest in the Games.Afterall that's the idea, right? Adapt and Survive... xD

  • @gpedro OK, thanks for the info!

    Adapt and survive is a must in crypto, for sure! However, if you are thinking to change the way your asset works in a major way, there might be asset holders who do not agree with that, and so you may give yourself a bad reputation. If you are going to restructure the asset, I suggest buying back existing assets and then creating an entirely new asset based on your new ideas.

    That's just my opinion, others may disagree. Also, I'm tired, so sorry if I misread your message.

  • You are aware that BURST's Smart Contract system is capable of doing a decentralized automated lottery, right? That would be the best way to prove the lottery secure.

    In fact, there will be an upcoming site by the team, with two lottery games based on our Smart Contracts.

    I look forward to announcing this in the near future.

    We can help you setup your lottery in an Automated Transaction (Smart Contract) if you'd like, let me know!

  • @gpedro, Today you sold BURST-WHAA-DW34-WQJA-F95AR (maybe yourself?) 5% of the asset Lucky Games for 100 Burst ???
    And now sell for 3'600'000 Burst (18 Burst for 1 active)???
    That is lower than the price of the second issue by 2 Burst.
    Do I understand correctly, or am I mistaken?

  • @Propagandalf That's exatly what i'm thinking to solve this problem... but i'm still on vacations and it's been hard to find a good internet connection where i am...
    @crowetic Yes i know that Smart Contract is capable of do a lottery, but i doesn't know how to set up that, maybe next week i will ask you for some help and i transfer the BURSTMillions to a AT Lottery, maybe even upgraded to something more close to EuroMillions as that was the initial idea... I'm aware that the team will release some lottery and i was waiting for that, but if i was releasing gambling assets and since in that time doesn't have any lottery on the market i think in some model that could work in Asset Exchange just for a beta test of that model xD
    @emcb You are exactly right, except BURST-WHAA-DW34-WQJA-F95AR isn't me... Is a friend of mine that i bring to BURST and i own him some money so i give him a welcome bonus from my personal portfolio of Lucky Games Investment Asset, and seems like he is solding out some Assets... That's the kind of thing that i can't control but i'll talk to him so he doesn't sell that assets like this, but actually the asset issuer already has been beaten in the market by the initial release of assets buyer and since i'm without a good internet connection because where i am only have satellite internet (because of the mountains) neither i can be online all day nor when i want (xD), only when my connection work...