poloniex photo id crap

  • I tried to log into poloniex its forcing me to upload photos and phone number. I do but it fails every time. so I am locked out of my account and they're gonna close the account most likely. has anyone have any suggestions how to pass this shit test?

  • use livecoin.net to trade BURST to BTC and send BTC to kraken.com to trade BTC to USD or vise versa.

  • @cybermancer the problem is what you already have there that you can not transfer to another exchange, in my case the photos I have with long hair and now I have shaved and I have gained weight I am caught in poloniex and bittrex.

    If do not solve it, I will contact a lawyer as they are stealing my money

  • I sent a ticket on their support site including my id lol
    they've always stomped on my accounts a decade ago they did the same lockout I couldn't get back in because I had no mobile now I have mobile its not enough

  • That sucks bro. do you have the passphrase to your BURST accounts on poloniex and bittrex or did you already exchange it to some other coin?

  • nah I only have password to polo they don't give out passphrases

  • Well I pray you guys get that stuff resolved and once you do transfer all your BURST to your local wallet and make sure to save your text file with your local wallet passphrase in your Dropbox account. Once you are ready to trade then I recommend transferring a small amount to exchanges wallet to test the conversion process.

  • what they do have of mine is a small amount so i'll survive I should have remembered from years back do not trust online exchanges to hold funds.

  • in bittrex on the one hand it was my fault because they warned with time and I could have taken my coins from there, but what is not my job is to send them a support ticket that took months to answer and answering whatever they wanted.

    Poloniex have not even bothered to warn, they are illegally holding my funds

  • Agreed. Online wallets and exchanges are only good for same day transfers and converting not for storing your coins. Then you will not have to worry if they lock you out anymore. O and if the exchange gets hacked you don't worry ether (that will eventually happen again and again). exchanges are bad JU JU for keeping money or coins on.

  • I just found out the bitcoin blockchain is like 120 gigabytes to download if I wanna local wallet I never had much luck juggling with different brand bitcoin wallets when pc crashes passphrases go with it just gonna have to download the chain again so when I do exchange in future it will be all same day only. I usually exchange for bitcoin becaue its easy to get it into my bank.

  • @cybermancer Of course, but if you dedicate yourself to speculate with the coins you have no choice but to have them in an exchange, also if you use them to give loans.

    The coins in the wallets do not generate profit, so a part if you have to have it in a safe place but with the rest you have no choice but to risk it if you want to generate some profit

  • admin

    Avoid giving out your ID can be hard this days ... but e.g. livecoin or c-cex does not require this, yet. The consumer is king i guess ... if nobody would use exchanges that do KYC ... that would be great 🙂 They would simply die off.

  • this happened to me many years ago and 2017 too just before a coin surge so their surges could be due to this crap robot mechanism? I could make a plethora of conspiracy theories about it. the prices plummeted so oh we won't go bankrupt American id only club.
    I told them the same line I did last time I was locked out. Now it won't let me login to even attempt a verify. I can only assume poloniex is having a network error. Simply put, if I wanted 25000 USD withdrawal capacity I would fucking apply for it.