Wellcome to BMC

  • Welcome to BMCinvest! Real Project Mineral Energy!!!

    Joining benefits:

    eal Project in the field of coal, gold, and other minerals profit from daily 3%-7%, and end contract 30 days.

    There plans are :
    ✔3.5% Daily Profit and end contract 30 Days
    (Min : $10)

    ✔4% Daily Profit and end contract 30 Days
    (Min : $100)

    ✔4.5% Daily Profit and end contract 30 Days
    (Min : $1000)

    ✔5.5% Daily Profit and end contract 30 Days
    (Min : $5000)

    ✔7% Daily Profit and end contract 30 Days
    (Min : $10000)

    With us you are safe to invest, after 30 days your investment plus profit in total will be up 100%!

    Register Link : [www.bmcinvest.com/agent/agilsetiawan642](link url)

  • If it sounds too good it probably is. Anyone considering this, please better buy some BURST and hold it.

  • well, they haven't tried encouraging people to a fake bitcoin hacking scam site from a Ethereum faucet yet (they script your pc to hack it for you but it goes to them instead after you pay the supposed transfer fee they keep as well) the link has referral id so the dude posting it isn't the dude running BMC but gets paid for successful referrals. Its something I've seen around but haven't tried I'd like to see someone who's used it and been on this forum forever to tell the truth.

  • @haitch ban all these accounts and ips please, there's been like 6 threads on this shit

  • @hidevin , why ban them, this looks like a better deal than Bitconnect. There were plenty here that showed an interest in Bitconnect, why not this? I think @haitch even added to an asset he sponsored. Just because Bitconnect ran into some bad luck doesn't mean this one will. And you only have to wait a month instead of a year to get your principal and return. What could go wrong??

  • @rds As you say, assets that had Bitconnect as a form of financing were announced. so as a burst forum when announcing the assets, it would be respecting the rules.

    What this person is doing is creating multiple accounts to announce this and even answer himself and that in my town is called spam, if at least put it in the right forum.

    This type of ads has long since exist and are ponzzi systems, bitconnet was also but having a backup currency many believed that it would stand longer, this announcement has nothing to back it up.

    And maybe I'm with you not to prohibit them, I risk a lot in them and sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. but they should be in a forum where it is clearly seen that they are products of risk and that it has nothing to do with burst.

    Google prohibits these pages from advertising on adwords

  • @energy , the OP implies it's legit. Counter arguments may challenge that legitimacy. Let the reader decide the truth and decide to get involved or not accordingly.

  • I am going to call up my ex and tell her about this great new super promising investment.

  • off the bat I'd say this topic in the incorrect location; moderation could relocate it to a more suitable forum sub category.

  • @rds Why is it legitimate? in that direction that this company is supposed to be there are 301 more companies, as I say I have been at risk from the beginning in this type of investment and is not the first to present papers as if it were legitimate, but the person who consists of the company is the secretary I guess it will be the secretary of the law firm that is dedicated to creating companies, for me it would be super easy to create a company in London from Spain, it would be easier for me to create it here directly.

    On the other hand if you reread my message in no time, I tell anyone not to invest, I tell you that it is a risk and then everyone who does with their money whatever they want.

    The domain whois is hidden.

    I repeat only warn of the risk then everyone who does with his money what he wants

  • @energy , I didn't say it was legitimate. I think it's a scam. But that's my opinion. I don't know for sure.

  • @rds First of all I respect your opinion, but I do not know if I understood you wrong and we think the 2 same or that, but I'll explain why I think it's scam, among other things if you go here https://www.bmcinvest.com/faq the company already It has another name.
    Now I'm not able to find it, but the script to create this type of pages you can buy online, if I find it I put it.

    But to not continue arguing nonsense I think it's a ponzi but that everyone with their money does what they want if you arrive on time you can win and if you do not lose

    @rds said in Wellcome to BMC:

    @energy , the OP implies it's legit

  • Kohinoor/Bitconnect/100tbminer/halogenv1 etc. refurbished.

    Avoid at all costs.