[CLOSED] New 3to1ODD's Game

  • This is a 3to1ODD game, a 33.3% chance game and the payout will be at 270% if you win...

    This asset belongs to Lucky Games Investment Asset!
    Every share that wins the challenge will be payed out when all the assets have been sold...
    Lost side of the bet will receive nothing. Please understand that this is a gamble!

    • Wallet: BURST-8VVU-TKJ2-29BB-C6EAV
    • Bet 1 FOR THE WIN: 2766720906303244223
    • Bet 2 FOR THE WIN: 9200925810943541986
    • Bet 3 FOR THE WIN: 3966022374690570689
    • Total Assets: 10.000 on each side of the bet
    • Cost per Asset: 5 BURST
    • Payout: 270% over the asset cost

    Profit distribution:
    80% to Lucky Games Investment Asset
    10% going to be kept for a JACKPOT that will occur every 10 "3to1ODD Games"
    10% will be charged by me for the work related

    The challenge will be when all assets are sold out and will be post on youtube as a video proof of this round...

    Any doubts just ask... i'm thrilled to respond to all of them!

    Lucky Games Investment Asset official thread: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/918/ann-lucky-games-investment-asset

  • This game is now closed. We are refunding everyone as you can see in forums.burst-team.us/topic/918/ann-lucky-games-investment-asset
    Sorry for any inconvenience...