Does my setup look ok?

  • Does my mining setup look ok? been on this pool for a few days now...... Just updated from 2TB to 5TB i am finding 2.5" drives run much cooler, my system was down for around 30 min's to add new drives, does this affect my mining rewards in any way?0_1528603875233_xxxx.png

  • looks fine, i do find it odd that 3 drives read at approx same speed and 2 much longer, considering they are all the same size. Are they a different type of drive? or not hooked up via usb 3.0?

  • Thanks for the reply, this rig was just put together out of parts i had lying around, 2 of the drives are connected to USB 2.0 but they are USB 3.0 drives. I do have a Z370 board from another project with a i3 8100 witch has USB 3.0 ports, this board has 6x sata also, so i will swap it over when i am done with my other project.

  • 7 Days on here is my results 😞


    not sure if i am reading it right, but looks like only 11 coins made 😞

    Oh well ill give it a bit longer, but it seems like a loosing battle with only 5TB

  • Yes, you have 11 burst pending, and you receive a portion of the pool winnings based on your % of plotted space, which accounts to just under 1/2 of 1%. Since starting with the pool, they look to have won about 3 blocks, and whilst 5TB may seem like an uphill struggle and hardly worth the effort, it will build up over time. Plus side -you will receive a small amount of burst each time the pool wins a block. Down side - if you are lucky enough to win the block yourself, you still get the same amount, not the whole block reward