Solo Mining Information Request

  • I've just started solo mining so I have the blockchain in synch and my reward recipient is set to my own Burst address. The miner is operating fine, although I would like o know what I should expect to see on the miner screen to let me know that I've won the reward? I am assuming that I will see a confirmed DL (hopefully) and receive the block reward shortly after. Is this correct?

  • The miner will show several things for you. Generally it will show the plot/s read, and the time it took to read. It will also show if you have a found a deadline, if it is submitted and if it is accepted. Depending on your miner setup, it may show you who won the block (with the shortest deadline). If it just shows the plot files/locations, you have not submitted a deadline.

    If you have a small amount of space plotted, it can be better to join a pool though, as smaller capacity has a significantly smaller chance of finding a winning deadline. Based on current difficulty, 7TB of plots has approximately 0.0001% chance of finding a block

  • @bluebook Thanks for the info. I'm using a 4TB just for solo mining as I prefer my larger setup to pool mine, which it is doing. The miner says that I have a 0.001% chance of finding a block. I'll take that small chance, just because it is thrilling and you never know your luck.

    Just to clarify then, when I see a bright green DL Confirmed, does that mean I have found the block and won it or does it mean I found a block but not necessarily won it (so to speak)?

  • @Zippymine No problem. The bright green means the deadline has been accepted as valid, but does not mean you have won the block. You should be able to check on your wallet for any blocks you have won under the "Forged (Mined) Balance" option

  • I mine about half year and I forged 5 blocks with average 800 burstcoins per block and pool gave me till now only 800 burstcoins. So that means that solo is more effective than pool. Interested. What is your experience?

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    @nemare over the long term, a pool will earn about the same as solo, less pool fees (0.5 - 1.0% normally). How long have you been mining on the pool? Which Pool? How much capacity? Is your target deadline set correctly ?

  • @haitch Look this is my account and all transactions

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    @nemare Take a look at the "Multiout Reverse" tab of the explorer - with the updates to the wallets, multi miner payments no longer show up as individual transaction in the main part of the wallet, but you're still getting paid.

  • @haitch only 5 multiout reverse together is 1300 burst and forged blocks 4442 - fees

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    @nemare You're mining with 6.x TB, so can expect to earn around 1 Burst/TB/DAY - so 6 day. Over 6 months, that would be around 1,100 Burst. So you're right on where you should be. You however, also got lucky and were able to mine 5 blocks. So in this case, your have been better off solo mining over that period, however you might not get another block for another 2 years.

    You're earning what you should be, but in your case not what you could have over the period, but as I said it could be two more years before you get another one - in which case you'll have still earned the expected average.