Best guesses on when BLOCK 502000 will arrive

  • So, we all know it's coming, and what block it is happening on, but when do you think it will happen?

    As a bit of fun, please respond with your best guess of a 10 minute window for when BLOCK 502000 will happen. The closest to the correct time/day will receive a metaphorical GOLD STAR. Please submit your answers as "DATE - TIME (UTC)". For the purpose of seeing who is closest, I will take a screengrab of the wallet showing the time/date of BLOCK 502000 being accepted onto the BlockChain and then work out who is the nearest. The deadline for entries is MIDDAY UTC on Friday 15th June 2018

    To start the ball rolling, I will submit the following guess...

    Saturday 16th June 2018 - 03:12-03:22AM UTC

    Please remember, this is just for fun, and the metaphorical GOLD STAR is not real

  • Saturday 16th June 2018 - 01:27-01:37PM UTC

  • 4:48-4:58 (MST) am Saturday june 16

    I think that is 10:48-10:58 am UTC time

  • This post is deleted!

  • And the winner is....... @Jaxblack with 10:48-10:58 UTC

    The official time for acceptance onto the blockchain is 11.59.39 GMT which converts to 10.59.39 UTC


  • Damn I was off by a minute...

  • Gotta love this difficulty change 😃 Hopefully the foolish take a while to update and we enjoy some lower diff for a while 🤣