POC1 to POC2 Plot Converter 2.3 Gives REALLY BAD deadline errors after conversion

  • I just got this error after conversion of 1 of my plots to POC2. I used the Speed Boost exeperimental setting. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. I have 2 systems and now the second system has the same error after I finished 1 plot over there.

    Oh and you can see the 1 POC2 plot scans slower than my POC1 plots. By a few seconds but still I think these were optimized and drive O and N are exactly the same Capacity but one is Optimized and the other is not. Same USB3 drive and connections. Exact duplicates of each other. So if you have optimized POC1 plots you may not need to convert...

    Yes it is that converted plot. I took that drive out and the deadline it had didn't submit. So the plot is a bad conversion. Don't use the experimental stuff is the lesson here I guess. I have never converted without that but won't be converting now.

    I will have to replot the drive I converted now.0_1529359736390_poc2error.JPG

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    @cryptonick From your screen shot, drive H is the only one that has completed conversion. All the other drives are being treated as PoC1 plots, so if conversion was started on them, it didn't complete - so the plots are corrupted, and causing the DL error.

  • @haitch Yes I only did 1 as a test lucky for me 🙂 I just want to make sure this doesn't happen to other people.

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    @cryptonick I'd be very surprised if the only valid nonces/DL's you found came from the 1 converted (of 13) drives. Are you sure your miner & pool are properly configured for PoC2? I've converted over 100 drives and am not having any problems, and the remaining PoC1 drives are slower than the PoC2 drives.


  • @haitch I just hit a block at burstmining.club, not sure if they updated... I don't know why a plot would scan as POC1 into POC2 and submit there. So I just replotted.

    I used to mine at your pool till you had to move it was the 30 day history pool. I got to about 2 weeks. I could try burst neon and they look like they are set for POC2, but I deleted and replotted already.

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    @cryptonick said in POC1 to POC2 Plot Converter 2.3 Gives REALLY BAD deadline errors after conversion:


    Which block did you win ? I don't see the pool winning in the last 30 rounds - and looking at the pool stats:
    2,423 Registered Miners, 261 Active Miners

    Last Block: 14 Active Miners, 16 Good DLs submitted, 67 Bad DLs submitted.


    This was not intended to disparage the pool - just the stats look really odd.

    Of 2,400 Miners, ~10% of them are active. Of those ~10% of miners who are "active", ~5% submitted DL's. So of the 0.5% of registered miners who submitted DLs, 80% of the DLs were invalid.

    Those numbers are off the wall just weird.

  • @haitch My wallet shows block 502906 for that block on the pool.

    I got paid my Deposit and full Reward on the current chain. I updated my wallet the day before the fork as I was on a fork and not getting my payments for a few days. Didn't even know a fork was in the works lol glad I took a look.

    Yeah I noticed most of the miner reward assignments are inactive. Thousands of people assigned and never switched away.

  • @cryptonick if I do not change ownership that pool was BN and someone said here that they left burst, if it is so it is very possible that they have not updated the group to work with poc2

  • I used to avg 20-30 coins frm pool.burst4all.com not I'm only averaging 6-7 at pool.miningclub any else experiencing a drop in mined coins? I have about 21.8 TB Thanks.

  • @myim74 They lost a ton of miners. It used to have 600+ and now it has 160. You will hit less blocks so you get less shares and you need low deadlines to submit so average less over time.

  • @cryptonick Thanks for the feedback Nick~ has pool.burst4all.com officially migrated to http://pool.burstmining.club:8124? as for the low deadlines is that the reason I'm hardly sharing? this has nothing to do with the conversion from poc1 to 2?

    Thanks again for some insight~

  • Update your miner to the newest version after POC 2 conversion.

  • @myim74 I believe that migration happened yes, although I don't think burstmining.club pool is a PoC2 compatible pool, so you would most likely be mining in a forked chain... The reason for smaller returns is that the pool is hitting fewer blocks because has less mining power (due to less miners)... The conversion from PoC1 to PoC2 don't affect your DLs itself, just the time it takes you to read the plot and get the DLs...

  • @myim74 yes the migration happend,
    @gpedro and pool.burstmining.club, pool.burstcoin.space, burstpool.net and burst.ninja are all poc2 pools, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see them on the chain.



  • @menaxerius Oh ok... I wasn't aware... Thanks for let me know...

  • has anyone tried TurboSwizzler

    I ask because it isn't a conversion script its actually an app.

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    @zapbuzz Used it for a few drives ... works flawless.