Initial buying price

  • So I am quite the asset fan, however I would probably even buy more if I had more insight on the numbers.

    For example, I can't seem to get to know the initial buying price of the first assets I bought. My transaction history won't show and the trade history
    of the asset market doesn't show either. A reminder of the original price I bought, and thus an insight in profit based on marketprice would be nice (and if right and incentive to buy more).
    Next to that, it is hard to see the actual ROI you make. I see some numbers coming in from different adresses, but it takes time to check how much is coming from where and what this is relative to the assets you own (aka the ROI I make).

    Due to missing these numbers, I can't (easily) compare the different assets/roi's/market price increase or decrease, and therefore can't seperate the men from the boys. Solving this could greatly improve the Asset exchange.

  • admin

    All the information you need is in the blockchain. Even if the trade history in wallet does not show it completely, you can research in deep by using Asset API http://localhost:8125/test?requestTag=AE

    e.g. get all trades of a asset:

    maybe search for a tool to format the json data more readable ... we are still hoping for some web devs, to make more userfriendly and extended ui's.

  • Thanks for your reply!
    Seems like I have some researching to do, would indeed be nice if there are some web devs who can make
    this easily insightful.

    Happy bursting