Get some BTC for doing very little

  • Yep, its another faucet, for those of you who wish to get some of that inferior pretender to the crown called BITCOIN (when we all know BURST is the KING OF CRYPTO's).

    Various ways to get your hands on some Satoshi's with this one

    You can just claim from the faucet every hour, partake in the mining game, watch videos or complete some really easy tasks (and by easy, I MEAN REALLY EASY) OR DO THEM ALL

    You dont actually get BTC Satoshi, but you instead get COINS (which are worth about 1.5 Satoshi at the time of writing), and you can cash out when you hit 35000 COINS (about 52000 Satoshi) if withdrawing to a Faucethub account, 100000 COINS is you are withdrawing to a BTC wallet or 50000 COINS if you wish to withdraw as DOGE

    The best way I have found to earn so far is with the offer wall using MINUTESTAFF, as the tasks are generally visit a website and view it for a short period of time or click on a link within the page, and you can earn a good couple of hundred coins in 5 minutes

    Have fun, and keep BURSTing

  • heres my referral to that site if anyone wants to help me out : Cointiply
    here's another bitcoin faucet / game site less elaborate and no video captchas


    And here a doge coin one:


    my 2 referrals keep paying commissions to the upline for clicking on referrals. They have been there for way over a decade now and offer interest for using the bitco one as a wallet

    If we all sign up after each other posting referral links about it it'd add up and we can exchange our profits for burst or a beer or sumthin 🙂