[ERROR 4] Incorrect "deadline"param not known

  • I am attempting to Solo Mine and I have 2 computers. 1 Running the Wallet and the other connecting with the Proxy on a different Port.

    The only way I could make the Solo Miner start with Blago was to put in 1 instead of Solo for mining mode. It wouldn't start otherwise unless I used the Wallet. I used to Solo Mine before the fork and it would work properly. Not sure what I need to do or if it is a POC2 thing since I am all POC1 scanning to POC2.
    The Red error is a plot I need to replot that gives a bad read but Plotchecker says it is OK.


  • admin

    @cryptonick You should maybe report your issue here https://github.com/JohnnyFFM/miner-burst/issues ... for now you maybe need to run 2 computers independent of each other, witch is no problem for solo mining. 2x miner 2x wallet no proxy.