I messed up my wallet

  • Would anyone mind giving me a hand with this. I boogered something up... I'm still getting use to Windows 10 so I'm sure it's something I don't know how to navigate to. lol. I've tried uninstalling, resetting my pc, and reinstalling my wallet. But I think Windows Defender caught something and I probably was doing something else and clicked thru it. I've gone in and allowed everything that it blocked, but don't quote me but I think I let it delete something.

    Thanks ahead of time guys!


  • you didn't click on the details tab

  • I did with 5 of the files, and allowed them, but I think one was deleted before I realized what they were for.

    1. Close Qbundle
    2. Open a command prompt as Administrator
    3. Type: sc delete "Burst Service"
    4. It should say ok so now close command prompts
    5. Start Qbundle

  • Try exempting the qbundle folder in Windows defender and reinstall.