For Sale - High-end Miner.

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    As most of you will know, I'm a hardware freak and the builder of outrageous systems, both small (The 80TB Odroid miner) and Large (The PennyWise2 1.1PB miner). I've been doing some trading of parts with friends recently and have the basis of another highend miner. My expansion will be via PW2 so this is a rig being built for sale.

    System Specs:

    • CPU: Dual E5-2650 V3 Xeons - 20 Cores/40 Threads
    • RAM: 32GB DDR4 ECC
    • Drives: 12 * 8 TB HGST SAS3 Enterprise drives.
    • OS Drive: 500GB PCIe NVMe
    • Controller: 8 * SAS3 Ports from motherboard, 8 * SAS 3 ports from Add In Card
    • SATA: 10 Additional SATA 3 Ports
    • Video: Integrated
    • IPMI Included
    • 10Gb Ethernet - SFP+
    • External SAS Expansion: LSI 9601-16e
    • Total system is in a 4U Rack Mount Chassis

    This is a 96TB fully integrated Burst Miner. Drives are not plotted, but can be for an additional fee.

    There are a total of 16 Internal SAS3 ports - 12 are in use, up to 4 additional SAS3 HDD/SSD can be added (3 is the 800GB is retained)

    Base system price: $5,500

    Yes, I know that's a big number for a miner, but it's a validated platform for making a very large miner - and saves you the costs of errors I incurred building a 1PB miner.

    Optional Upgrade:

    An extra 28 x 8TB Drives over SAS2

    • Total capacity: 320TB
    • Base system + SuperMicro 28 drive drive chassis
    • 28 * White Label WD Red SATA3 drives in the addon

    Total capacity: 320TB

    Combo Cost: $12,000

    Optional add ons are available:

    • SAS2 Enterprise 800GB Drives $500
    • GPU: Dependant on the model you want and ability to support.

    Exact specs are open to negotiation.

    The system has been built, and is currently mining 12 * 8TB drives. Will be expanding to 40 Drives today.

    Current mining times (96 TB): Low mining time: 9.9 seconds, High: 15.5 Seconds.

    Will update when expanded to 40 Drives.

    CPU Plotting to 5TB SATA - No Staging

    3_1530734680142_5TB SATA CPU direct.png

    GPU Direct to 8TB SAS, no staging

    2_1530734680142_8TB SAS GPU direct.png

    GPU to 5TB SATA, Staging to the SSD

    1_1530734680141_5TB SATA GPU Via SSD Staging.png

    GPU Direct ot 5TB SATA

    0_1530734680141_5TB SATA GPU direct.png

  • those cpus are decent for mining too.

    i put a low priority on the cpu miner though.

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    @haitch Work in progress



  • @haitch woah damn that's a beautiful piece of art. Happy to see you haven't lost your passion! 😛

  • wow, where do you even fit all those drive in? are these custom made cases?

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    @zac123 12 Drives in the case itself. Previous one I built had 15 drives and was a cabling mess, this one has 12, but it's really tidy. The additional 28 would go into a SuperMicro external chassis - it SAS links back to the server. My main miner has a couple of the SuperMicro 45 drive chassis.

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    @keyd0s Thanks 🙂 She sure is pretty .... and pretty quick ....


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    @haitch I just finished building a workstation/proof of concept PC for a friend. His had a couple of additions over what I'm proposing - eg Dual GPU, 10Gb Ethernet .....

    It's an E5-2650V3 Xeon in a consumer mobo. 10 Core/20 Thread, non ECC DDR. It runs like a champ, and would make a great desktop or mining build. I have a couple more of the CPU's and am happy to build more of these if anyone is interested:

    System Specs:

    • Asus X99 Mobo
    • Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 CPU (10 core/20 Thread) with closed loop water cooling.
    • Case: NZXT Mid Tower (11 x 3.5 Internal Drive bays)
    • Corsair 750W Modular PSU
    • 256GB Plextor NVMe PCIe OS Boot drive.
    • DDR4 (non-ECC) RAM - tbd by buyer
    • GPU - tbd by buyer

    Cost would be $900 + list cost of RAM + GPU + shipping.

    Other hardware upgrades modifications are possible. DM me.

    The system comes with NO HDD, just the SSD, but I can add 8TB White Label WD Reds for ~ $185 each depending on availability.