Burst Fees!

  • Please stop wasting your valuable BURST on 1 BURST fees, as a 0.0075 - 0.01 BURST fee is about the same time as a 1 BURST fee 🙂

  • i did a transfer from my wallet to Polo with a fee of 0.00735 it went throu but took close to 12 hours to clear also there was several blocks with 0 transactions during that time span .... still not sure why it took so long but as far as i can tell creating or canseling a buy / sell order in the AE does still requier a 1 burst fee and im assuming creating an asset also still cost 1k ... witch im fine with but if burst value goes up a large amount that 1k fee might need to be adjusted .... first thou id love to see the buy/sell/cansel orders on the AE also have a dynamic fee added

  • @gibsalot did you try to set it manually? since buy/sell should use same fees as normal transactions i think.

  • @gibsalot I just tested and AE buys and sells accept lower than 1 burst fees... ( Tx 17699646932131744779 )
    Cancel an order has the minimum fee of 1 Burst even if using the advanced fee setup... Not sure if it was supposed to tho...

  • admin

    @gibsalot Every one creating a block can decide witch transactions get included ... or if none gets included ... so i can not tell you about blocks with 0 transactions. But there is only 1 transaction per block for 0.00735, the next one is 0.0147 etc. so using e.g. 0.05145 (for 7th slot) should speed up your transaction ... but sure you can use 1 BURST as always and you are fine. Currently the main benefit is, that we can afford faucets again, to get new users started etc.