The pool calculated a different deadline for your nonce than your miner has! ??? PoC2 error ?

  • I am just testing my new POC 2 files with CreepMiner. On Linux.

    Everytime I got this issue with my PoC2 file: "The pool calculated a different deadline for your nonce than your miner has!"

    It's a bit confusing cause PoC1 files are working fine without any issue on CreepMiner.

    I wrote on github to the developer of CreepMiner ( but perhaps someone here has a solution or the same issue.

    I created the PoC2 files with "cg_obup-PoC2" Plotter (the only Plotter for Linux)

    Turbo Plotter can be used for Linux to, but i need more possibilities so set the amount of nonces that has to be plottet and in the linux version of turb plotter i can only set the startnonce and the RAM and nothing else.

    Perhaps cg_obup-PoC2 Plotter is creating bad POC2 files ?

    Just have a look on my github link, there is everything explained, i don't want to type everything again :).

    Are there some Linux guys out there who can tell me how they created PoC2 files (which program) and how its working for them ?

  • Hi!

    There is an updated plotter for linux called Engraver :

    I'm not using it because my Windows PC is much faster for plotting, but it might be worth creating a small plotfile for testing with that and seeing if it makes any difference?

  • @tinycoins

    Thank you for your help. I just spend 10 days of PoC2 creating but i will test the new Plotter and tell the results in this Post for all the other people in this forum.

  • admin

    @burnme Are you sure the pool you're using has been updated to PoC2? What if you mine solo or against a known updated pool - still get the same errors ?

  • @haitch


    i am on solo mining and i have updated to the newest Wallet BRS 2.2.1.

    I got this error on solominig with CreepMiner 1.8.2

    On first tests with the newest PoC2 converter engraver the new PoC2 file was working without error message. It was only a small plotfile so now i am creating bigger ones and testing again.

    In think i have a couple for issues: bad PoC2 files, RAM and forwarding issue on CreepMiner

    During using the forwarding feature of CreepMiner it seems that the RAM and swapfile is fully filled then the Miner crashes.

    I am hoping with the new plotter (engraver) the different deadline error is gone and i am hoping that CreepMiner can handle the RAM during forwarding in the future without crashing.

    When everyhing runs fine i write an how to for all other Linux users

  • Hi,

    so i replottet everythig with evanger Plotter and now using creep Miner 1.8.3.

    Everything runs fine now. I am thinking that the converting tools made some errors.