A little comment about hard disks in regards to burst

  • I am running quite a bit of storage but I am not just running vendor supplied disks.
    Doing some research about the acronyms can pay off.
    I am due to receive a 2tb disk that cost with postage $35.
    Won from online auction I save at least $100 of the price of a new disk.

    Why would I bother with second hand stuff you might ask?
    Burst plots only need to be written once. Old second-hand disks as a Burst disk last for ages in normal environments.
    Its a great way to start and work your way up to a decent capacity rig (with a margin of risk)
    so far, out of lots of disks only one was crap for me and I did feel bad but I could've gave it a burial with music being deeply interested in architecture that it was a WD Black. (a refurbished one - the rest were second hand with no issues)
    Also there an environmental factor. Using old stuff is better for the environment than recycling or dumping rubbish.
    The larger disk capacity's offer better refinements: faster and more power efficient.
    A 1tb disk can use more power and be slower than a 6tb or 8tb capacity.
    So working up to big mining capacity will eventually lead to more efficient mining.

  • @zapbuzz for 8tb it would be $35 * 4 = $140. You could just get these Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB8000100) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HAPGEIE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_OfAoBbZQXEMR7

    For $159 with free shipping.

  • yes but postage included in its final price. Postage from amazon is expensive here. Free shipping is intended for U.S. Residents. Also, my government has just introduced a new tax for imported sales items under $1000 of %10

  • Anyhow I just received it and has a stuck spindle bearing so I'm trying to get a refund. Second time unlucky. And the seller advertised it as working. Fortunately I have buyer assurance so I will get my money back to try again. He said I get a refund and blames the postal service. What a crock I'm not stupid.

  • Why wait for the fat lady to sing when Samsung? well i'm not buying them anymore. Pffft. now … what else is there 🙂