• I know i am kind of new here but is there anyone that can help me setting up? I wrote 2 topics and messaged an admin but never got a respond.

  • Try here

    It should be easy to follow, but I will help u if u run into trouble.

  • admin

    @benignrabbit485 What help do you need? What do you have working or not ?

  • @haitch Hey guys. How come i did not even get a notification for your comments here.......anyways i just saw them and i been going nuts. Hiatch you helped me once with a laptop i had it ws a shit cause windows wouldn't allow anythign to work in it. Anyways guys to the point. I have a AMD A4 no GPU and a 500gb HDD yes i know i am just starting low with what i got for now. I have done nothing because when i downloaded the file whatever the wallet or miner something it changed since last i saw it i remember it used to be this log in windows black and a passphrase now its different and thats it i dont know what to do. I really need help im not using this desktop for anything at least this could get some use from it.

  • @benignrabbit485 , if you have downloaded the latest qbundle wallet for windows, you will need to perform the updates to it before you do anything else. It should automatically tell you at the top of the window that there are updates, and if you click this, it will ask if you want to update (you may have already done this though). If it is unable to do the updates, close the wallet, and go to the install directory and look for the file called UPDATER and double click it.

    You may need to set it to use MariaDB as your database of choice, and it may require you to download and install the relevant dbfiles (it will do this for you though). This is done from the the DATABASE option at the top of the window, followed by CHANGE DATABASE.

    The qbundle wallet has the relevant tools built in for mining and plotting under the TOOLS menu. You can plot right away once you have your numeric account ID, and you can mine from a pool as as soon as you are able to set the reward recipient. Mining solo will require the download of the entire blockchain.

    If you have your old passphrase, you can log in with it from the main screen on the qbundle wallet (which will look similar to the old black screen you remember), but it may take a while for the wallet to start itself (it tells you at the bottom left of the qbundle window what the wallet is up to, e.g. stopped, starting, started etc and what block height it is at with the block timestamp) and then to download the BlockChain.

    Hope this has helped and at least answers some of your questions:)