[ANN] NON Profitable Fund of BURST

  • I know that seems a bit strange to invest in one asset that calls itself NON Profitable, but is profitable for the shareholders not the fund itself, that's the why of the name...

    This Fund have the only purpose of valuing this wonderful coin and will start with the next Apply right away!
    Will be alocated funds from this fund to help kickstart a faucet and other ideas so we could bring more people to BURST and increase the network usage and the capitalization of the coin?!

    Apply 101(on second level right now):

    • Aply101: 15471793797491293206
    • Total Assets: 1 000 000 until payout4 000 000 until payout
    • Value: 1 BURST (accepts decimals)
    • Payout: 101% over the asset cost

    How it works?

    You just buy some asset's and wait until the level closes, after that you will receive an 1% interest over the share cost, so just grab some coins on the faucet or simply round up your wallets and we will make a lot of millions BURST to be used to enlarge the network usage?!

    Please don't put your assets on the exchange because these asset's aren't gonna be paid twice so someone who buys from you will never collect interest on that value...

    If someone want to donate to this cause, use the NON Profitable Fund of BURST wallet: BURST-W2XA-DQX5-JTJF-BSLHR

  • I am a little bit confused. How often does the level end?

  • @mathew Because of the 1000 BURST fee for the creation of assets i made the asset with 100.000.000 Assets and this first release will be of 1.000.000 Assets when this released is all buyed i will pay the dividends to everyone on that release...
    And then i will begin a new database of witch addresses to pay with the new release so who already has been paid will not sell their assets because that assets will be garbage and will not be paid out again...
    I was thinking in 10.000.000 Assets in each release but i forgot to put a 0 on it, so instead of changing and paying the fees i let it in 1.000.000 to see how much time will get, so i can do it more or less frequently, but i think that the ideally is the apply pays out every month, so you could receive the total collected from you in one month of your burst wallet changes moneybox...

  • This post is deleted!

  • 1st 1 000 000 assets sold! Payment send!

    998829.9, BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ, 1098712.89
    806, BURST-SG3H-LHD5-ULZA-9ECEK, 886.6
    169, BURST-EWT3-ZTYD-9JSU-CQLV7, 185.9
    150, BURST-3SQS-2NCU-FTUJ-3XKVS, 165
    45.1, BURST-JYHR-SPXP-YT22-5F4KM, 49.61

    Please don't resell your asset's... these asset's will not be paid out twice, if you don't want to keep them in your portfolio just transfer to the asset issuer again

  • This fund has payed all the shares and it's now without any sell of assets because of the fall of Lucky Games Ivestment Asset... You could check it all out here: forums.burst-team.us/topic/918/ann-lucky-games-investment-asset
    Sorry for any inconvenience...

  • The idea of this fund could be used in the future or if any donations are received so i will keep this open for now...

  • This post is deleted!