What is multi out reverse in cryptoguru

  • Hi,
    Does anyone know what is multiout reverse tab in cryptoguru burst explorer.
    I received some bursts there but they are not in my balance...

  • @vatovv I think that's where you'll see the payments the pools make.
    With the change of payment of the pools there was no transaction in your wallet you only noticed that your balance increased, this will make it easier to control the payments of the pool

  • admin

    There are two new transaction types since the fork at block 500k ... 'multi-out' and 'multi-out-same'. They can be done via api methods 'sendMoneyMulti' and 'sendMoneyMultiSame'.
    One 'multi-out'-Transaction allows to send different amount of BURST to 1-64 recipients.
    If this is used by pool, the fees can be reduced a lot and miners get more reward. (as fees have to be paid from reward)

    One 'multi-out-same'-Transaction allows to send same amount of BURST to 1-128 recipients.

    However, if you get paid by one of the above Transactions, the payment will not show up under transactions, but under e.g. the multi-out reverse in block-explorer. Due to technical issue.

  • I don't understand why fees need to be saved.

    1. If you are reducing fees then the pool could be 0% fees.
    2. Burst fees to send transactions goto the miner so if you mine a big block then you get a good fee. So why do we need multi-out? look at fee only below
      (now)Reward: 897 Burst
      Fee: 0.01

    (before)Reward: 944 Burst
    Fee: 23 Burst

    Burst Multi-reverse scares me because you are saying a pool can take the transaction back? All my pool payout mistakes still goto the miner as they are in the que to be paid at some point when a block was found. I have never taken anything back from a miner.
    Seem to me reverse is something you wish would happen only when your funds were stolen.
    Am I getting the reverse thing right?

  • admin

    Burst Multi-reverse scares me because you are saying a pool can take the transaction back?
    No it is a normal transaction, can not be reverted once it got confirmed. Who said i can be reverted?

    Lower fee than 1 BURST was (from my point of view) needed, looking into the future.

    I'm not sure why this new transaction types got invented ... the lower fees would have done the job. But now that they are here, they are great for pools i guess. I also see possible usages of mult-out-same, e.g. for mixing or faucets.

  • Okay thanks for clarifying