Newbie at Burst,having problems with write plot. [32 Bit]

  • When i go to write plot this is what i get in reply:- t says: You use a 32 bit system! For you there's only the original java plotter which is slower. Never Mind.
    After a while did shows a lot of code, but at the end only stays in d:\Burst>_

    I left over night thought it might be just taking along time to plot drive but had not changed after many hours. Is my laptop non compatible to do mining? would i be better to get a 1TB external drive. I know nothing about computers so this is all new to me. Been reading other posts to try get my head around the computer jargin,but yeah need some helpful advice..

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated. ova

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    Do you have Java installed?

  • I have just installed and updated i was not sure if it was working properly.

  • Java also said that it has to operate only with firefox browser as some components can not operate with chrome..not sure why this is. ova

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    Send us the output of the plotter, so we can help you.

    The text that is above


  • Im write plotting again after installing and updating my laptop turned off and got disconnected from internet.
    0_1470179315449_upload-6af2e917-da4c-46c7-bc7d-8986714dad3b This is on my screen at the moment while its plotting..and the cursor is flashing right next to the c:\Burst>

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    Ok, I see there is a bug in the software. Maybe you have to wait until the next release of the Win Client.

    Is your local wallet running with downloaded blockchain?

  • @daWallet i downloaded what you sent in link so i have the buttons for write plot and start mining. my wallet accepts payment from faucet. But I dont think I downloaded blockchain.

  • @daWallet I downloaded this from a link in a video by adam and then the info you sent. Is Blockchain a seperate download thats needed?

  • @wooliesurf yes but usually the client do it but take a lot of time...

    turn of the client (check in the tray...)

    download it from here:
    1- extract it
    2 - the files that are there copy to :
    and replace the existing files
    3 - open the client and happy mining...

    oh don't forget to register your reward assignment...

  • @gpedro sorry to sound like a dingbat...I dont really understand what your meaning. You could say im computer iliterate dont really know what im doing. Just wanted to give this a try as it seemed pretty straight forward from a youtube video by Adam Guerbuez.

  • @gpedro I appreciate your help.

  • @wooliesurf ok sorry...have you downloaded the zip file from the link and extracted?
    Close your wallet client in the tray close to the watch...
    Then open your windows explorer and type on the address bar:


    and replace the files existing in this file for the files you get from the blockchain folder extracted

    open the client and log in in the online wallet (the local one should take 10 or 20 minutes to be ready because is downloading the remain blockchain that is less than a day of network blocks)

    then if you already have plotted your files, go to start mining on the top right corner of the window you see a cascate box that should have some pools, select one...

    On the top left corner of the same window you have one button that says reward assignment, click there and should auto copy the pool address to your clipboard and you should past it in the recipient box and paste your passphrase on the passphrase box... wait 4 blocks that is around 16 minutes and start mining...

  • @gpedro Sorry mate I dont understand what extracting/ copying files and replacing the existing files....just goes right over my head....wouldnt have the faintist idea what your instructing me to do. who's the client? This is just more and more frustrating. nevermind.

  • @gpedro cheers im typing and sending replies and its taking a while to go through...sorry bout that.

  • @wooliesurf the client is the wallet program...
    when you have a zip file that file is compressed and you need to extract it in order to use that files...
    and then when i say to replace the exiting files in that folder i mean you to delete those files and copy the ones you have extracted from the zip folder to the folder
    i don't know to simplify... i think that you are being issues with the English if that is the case if you are Portuguese i can help you (just begin a chat with me) or you can use the multi languages sub forums to someone help on your language or you can use the google translator...

  • @gpedro I appreciate your wanting to help...but I know nothing about computers/zip files/exisitng files/extracting files/folders.... you might aswell be just typing blah blah blah blah. I have no computer skills if i did i wouldnt ask for help. I speak english all my life. Because you have done this numerous times its easy for you.

  • @wooliesurf no but giving up isn't the answer...

    just take a look at youtube when you don't know how to do something that you think or other people say its pretty easy...
    Here's a video of how to zip and unzip a file... take a look:

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    I hope I've fixed the bug you are having. Please download the latest version, install it again and try to plot:

  • @daWallet Thankyou so much. I will get to setting up.