how to run PoC-Consortium goburstpool in windows ?

  • how to run PoC-Consortium goburstpool in windows ?

  • Can't unless you create a linux VM inside your windows.

  • You can using the built in linux sub system available after the fall update but u will still have to compile the go executable goburstpool in vm Ubuntu server first unless someone can do that for u. The only problem with Linux sub system is that it is significantly slower then a VM.

  • why can not run in windows directly?

  • I could never get the goburstpool executable to run in windows 10 even with GO installed. No problems with ubuntu though.

  • @cybermancer hi please what are the steps to run in ubuntu (version) , how to make it executable in go lang? thanks

  • If u are asking for the step by step, then it’s going to take me while, but if u are familiar with Linux here is the short version.

    Download and install git
    Download and install Go language
    Download and install mariadb
    Download and install java jre
    Download and install burstcoin wallet
    Setup permissions in mariadb to be accessible via and local host via username for goburstpool of your choice and the burstcoin wallet username of your choice.
    Do git clone of the go burstpool software
    Change directory to goburstpool
    Create a config.yalm file and insure it’s properly configured for your pool.
    run Make inside your goburstpool directory
    If u get no errors, then u got it to work.

  • Then build your startup scripts like this
    I set crontab -e to:
    @reboot sleep 10 && cd /home/burst/burstcoin/ && ./
    @reboot sleep 60 && cd /home/burst/pool/testpool/ && ./

    Then put this into

    include this boilerplate

    function jumpto
    cmd=$(sed -n "/$label:/{:a;n;p;ba};" $0 | grep -v ':$')
    eval "$cmd"


    jumpto $start

    ulimit -Hn 1048576
    ulimit -Sn 1048576
    cd /home/burst/pool/goburstpool/
    cd /home/burst/pool/testpool/
    jumpto start

    Will be monitoring process output with tail -f /proc/1850/fd/1 for 24 hours to make sure all is well and will post results here.

  • @cybermancer thank you very much will try to get it working and will post results here

  • Sounds good