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  • Hello All,

    I am a longtime crypto-investor and am looking to get more involved in the transaction side of things. I will be completing an MBA in the next few weeks and the wife has given her blessing to build a crypto-mining (farming) rig in the home office. I like Burstcoin's energy efficient model of clearing transactions and decided to build a rig to start farming. This should be a fun side hobby and hopefully rewarding experience. Look forward to working with all of you.


    Doug Christman

  • No worries Doug will help where possible.

  • admin

    @dougchristman Welcome to the community, and the start of your Burst obsession ..... 😉

    If you want any recommendations or advice on building a rig, this is the place to ask. All sizes and styles of rigs have been built by members here.


  • @haitch Hi Haitch, thanks for the offer. I was thinking about just buying a refurbished Dell 4core, 3.30/ghz processor, 4 GB Ram, and 500GB HDD for around $170 to start. Then add a 4tb second HDD, and then start purchasing 8tb external hard drives to scale. Thinking I can get around 50TB in total on this rig.

    I am going to try to get everything over time and focus on a $20/TB target when purchasing storage space, although I understand it might be over that a bit.

    Any thoughts?

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    @dougchristman A quad core is fine for 50TB or so, however I'd look at more RAM, it's important during plotting particularly, and possibly bigger processor(s). Plotting is CPU/GPU intensive, mining not so much but it's still important.

    For scaling, some go external USB3.0, I prefer SAS2 external chassis - much higher density and much easier to manage and maintain performance on.

    for build your own, $19-$24 / TB is reasonable; for a prebuilt system - and I have a couple for sale, you're looking at more per TB, but proven systems that save you making the mistakes we made in the beginning ... 😉

  • @haitch Thanks for the reply. I am waiting on Dell to get back to me if the desktop I am looking at had an extra slot for Ram, so hopefully I can get up to 8gb. I appreciate the offer to sell prebuilt systems, but I am very interested in putting this together on my own. I will look into the SAS2 external chassis, are you able to get the price per TB down doing that?

    Thanks again.

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    @dougchristman My pre-builts aren't for people starting out in Burst, unless they want to throw a lot of money into a new hobby - they're high end systems for dedicated Burst addicts. The smaller one is currently configured with 74TB, the big one is available as either 96TB or 320TB ....

    SAS2 can use the same SATA drives you'd normally use, but majorly improves density and manageability - eg I can hang a 15 Drive md1000 chassis off my miner - two power cords, 1 SAS cable, 15 drives - 120TB, or a SuperMicro 45 drive Bay - 2 power cables, 2 SAS cables, 45 Drives, 360TB ........ Managing 45 external USB drives, power bricks, USB3 ports .... no thanks.

    People doing it on a budget generally go for the USB3 drives and either shuck the drive out of the case and use them as internals, or run massive USB farms. There are pro and cons to both approaches. For the externals if you shop around you can generally get them for around $150 for an 8TB drive.

    One thing to note, the cheap Seagate drives are SMR (shingled magnetic recording) formatted - these are fine for a mining, but a nightmare to plot. A regular 8TB PMR drive can be direct plotted in about 24 hours or less, an SMR will be about 7 days.

    The majority of the drives in my farm are 8TB White Label WD Red drives - these are generally available for around $175 each - more expensive than the USB3's, but come with a 1 year warranty that isn't voided by shucking the drive .... more details here:

  • @dougchristman ,

    I have externals for sale if you're interested. See the thread below.

  • @haitch Thanks for the heads up. I was looking at the Seagates, but will research the PMR drives. Anything to keep my sanity! I might have to do a mix to see what works. I really look forward to figuring everything out 🙂 thanks again.

  • @rds Thanks for the link. I am not ready to purchase the external drives yet, but will keep it in mind.

  • @dougchristman , yes, no problem. I have sold some already but there are still many left. They're mining 24/7 while waiting for their new home 🙂

  • Seems I need 1 Burstcoin to join a pool. Would any of you be so kind as to send me one?


    I have set up the minimum viable process so far, which entails downloading the blockchain and plotting 200GB. I wanted to get set up on a pool prior to purchasing larger hard drives and expanding. Any help is appreciate, and if you send me your address I will return the coin when I have one.



  • admin

    @dougchristman try ... and check for doing reward assignment with less than 1 BURST.

  • @dougchristman you are living the dream! Curious if you will mine other coins with your GPUs? The reason I ask is does the wife know how loud a farm really is? HaHa, my dream is to build a completely off-grid mining farm using renewable resources. Also I am a big proponent of (ETN) Electroneum because of there plan to become mass adopted globally. They also have a patented payment system that will allow instant transactions like a credit or debit card. Anyway, you should take a look at them is you are not already involved. They recently allowed ASIC miner on the network for stability. Will you be creating an ASIC farm or a more traditional one. Please keep me updated as I am interested in your progress. You should video everything and post to YT or which is on the Steemit (another crypto) platform. Have a good one. Thanks for the post.

  • @kingcajun @DougChristman I missed the post about your equipment. thx lol

  • @kingcajun Hi Kingcajun, thanks for the comments. At this point, I have no intention of building a GPUs rig. I am trying to keep the energy consumption to a minimum. I have some investments in Neo and Cardano, so will have staking from those.

    I am still having difficulty getting through the fork at this point. The local wallet blockchain download keeps aborting. Might have to wait until they get through this until I can get up and running.

  • v2.2.1 has a service release of wallet grab burst.jar and paste it into your mining wallet directory until new wallet bundle release is offered @DougChristman

  • @zapbuzz Thanks, that seemed to work. Wallet is all synced up now. To join a pool, do I just set the Reward Assignment to a pool address? One option (Reward Recipient) costs 1 Burst, while the other (Reward Assignment) costs 0.00735. What is the difference between these two?

  • both have same meaning B 0.00735 is cheapest cost. Recommend you adjust fee accordingly.

  • @zapbuzz Thank you. Finally got it up and mining. 🙂 Seems everything is working, just need to start scaling up hard drive space.