Custom WS/Miner

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    I just finished building the second Workstation/miner based on some Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 CPU's I received in some trading.

    The first was a workstation/proof of concept PC for a friend. His had a couple of additions over what I'm proposing - eg Dual GPU, 10Gb Ethernet .....

    The second was one I built for sale, but it runs so great I'm keeping it .....

    I'll have two more of these CPU's coming in so can build two more of the custom single CPU workstations, or a dual CPU server.

    The workstation configuration:

    It's an E5-2650V3 Xeon in a consumer mobo. 10 Core/20 Thread, non ECC DDR. It runs like a champ, and would make a great desktop or mining build.

    The specs of the one I built for myself:

    Asus X99 Mobo
    Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 CPU (10 core/20 Thread) with closed loop water cooling.
    Case: NZXT Mid Tower (11 x 3.5 Internal Drive bays + 2 x 2.5SSD Bays)
    Corsair 750W Modular PSU
    960GB Samsung M.2 SSD
    DDR4 (non-ECC) RAM - 64GB
    GPU - Zotac nVidia 1080 + EVGA nVidia 1070TI
    HDD - 8 * 8TB White Label WD RED drives + 2 * 5TB Toshiba Drives

    The one I built for myself is not for sale, pics below, unless someone wants to make me a very serious offer. Serious offer is around $5.5K as configured.

    I also have a dual CPU Server available - see

    For a custom workstation build the prices will vary based on RAM, GPU, Cooler, Drives, SSD additional HBA.

    Barebones system fully assembled - Case, PSU, Mobo, CPU would be around $900. A fully specced system - that depends on you. DM me to discuss.

    For a custom server, DM me for requirements.

    The system is currently busy plotting - I'll post some more pics later



  • I am the one that got the first "workstation/proof of concept PC" and I have to say this thing is a beast. The Xeon E5-2650 V3 CPU makes a perfect WS/Miner CPU you can be plotting and mining and still doing other normal days to day stuff. My machine has been running steady since I got it and it has not missed a beat.

    Haitch is a top notch guy, I am really pleased with my purchase and you can't go wrong getting him to build you a WS/Miner.