Is BTFG Pool Down?

  • Recently, I am unable to connect to the BTFG Pool and I am trying both of their servers. I have been looking on this forum to see if there was additional info but I can find nothing related. Are others experiencing this and if so, do we just have to wait or is there an alternative server to connect to that I'm just not aware of?

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Some of our miners send a notice about, but you should contact him and ask about more details:

    "BTFG: The pool will be down for the forseeable future. The VPS I have been using has screwed up our billing twice now, taken the money, not applying it to the bill. I have sent them proof that it had been paid, from their own system. They apologized, and offered to reopen the server, claiming they had to do a restore of their billing server recently. However, the data is, once again, lost. I wont be dealing with them anymore. A company that cant bother to make backups to cover thier own arse is not one I want to deal with.
    BTFG: I know this means you all are put at a disadvantage, and for this I apologize. But I wont do business with a company that wont take care of us as their customers. I will keep you all informed, and you are welcome to stay in the channel. I will inform everyone when i get it back up, but for now.. your best bet is to switch pools."

  • @mrwho Thanks mate