Why payment from cryptoguru pool always reversed ?

  • Hello to All. I adress this message to the cryptoguru's pool admin; I was not able to find on the pool or on some burst forum pages who contact about this pool so I post this message here.
    Dear Admin, I would like to understand why all my mining payments are systematically reversed (2 so far) so they 're not credited to my balance ? The concerned adress: 9UJL-LPZC-YSCK-DKQD3.

    Thanks for your attention and help; it would be a good thing to found a permanent solution to the problem to avoid me or others to come back each time we receive a reversed payment cause I've found, exploring random accounts, that it's not an isolated case. 😉 Peace.

  • @mess since the payment rates changed you can only see the transactions in the Multiout Reverse block browser tab but your balance keeps increasing.

    Previously when the pool towards a payment paid a burst for each transaction if it paid 10 miners it paid 10 burst in fees, now it works similar to bitcoin if it pays 10 miners it only pays one fee burst.

    Look at the next payment and you will see how your balance increases

  • admin

    @mess The pool pays you with new transaction type 'multi-out', that allows to send different amounts of BURST to up to 64 recipients within one transaction. The recipients and amounts are in the attachment of the transaction. A technical detail that makes this transaction not compatible with current explorer or wallet gui if you are a recipient. As a workaround, they added the 'reverse' tab to the explorer. Reverse in this case does not mean you pay something, it's reverse in relation to 'multi-out'. So every time you get a payment via 'multi-out' transaction, the payment will show up under that tab.

    Edit: I noticed that the transaction links under 'multi-out reverse' don't work yet, but you can search for that thransaction IDs, looking at e.g. https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/transaction/17591202974717034942 should explain better than i can.

  • I think this is funny because I used a calculator to see I was paid

  • All right Guys. I'm going to wait for my next payment and going to care take of my balance if it grows or not. I will definitively put a conclusion here after this verification, to help everybody understand how the new payment system works.
    Thanks to twice of you for the clarifications.

  • Ok, my next payment just came in and went to the multiout reverse tab, as expected.
    I can confirmed that this payment and all previous one have been added up to my balance so everything is ok.

    Conclusion: Do not panic is you see your payments going to the multiout reverse tab; this is the way thing works now and those payments are added to your total balance as it should be, of course.

    I hope that will help. Thanks.