Help Diagnosing HP Z620 Server

  • I'm trying to determine what exactly is wrong with my Z620. I've done a bit of troubleshooting, so here's where I've gotten to. If I remove the board for the 2nd CPU, it will boot up, but when it's in, if I press the power button, it sounds like it's going to boot, the fans start up, the hard drives spin up, but nothing happens. Display doesn't come on, no weird lights, no unusual sounds.

    So I pulled the board and visually inspected it for damaged / fried components (all good there), pulled the CPU chip and reapplied thermal paste. I removed all the ram from the 2nd board, reinserted, and still have the same issue.

    Any ideas on any more troubleshooting? Based on googling, some people say PSU would be the issue here if no visible damage to board.

  • place the 2nd cpu into the 1st cpu slot see if it boots up if it don't cpu dead if it works your motherboard has probably need technician to replace caps and possibly re solder CPU socket onto motherboard (not cheap better get another mobo in some cases) other causes are voltage rails due to faulty power supply testers are on online shops such as eBay.

  • if it boots after the CPU switch, start pulling sticks of ram one at a time and try booting. Bad ram can cause all kinds of funny things to happen.