Multiout Reverse

  • Is there a wallet update coming to deal with the multi out reverse issue with payments not showing in the current wallet?

  • I guess not (now).
    The payments are showing, your balance is correct.
    It is just that the transaction is not in your transaction list, but in the sender's list only.
    Do you care which of the 1$ notes in your pocket were received from whom ?

    There is a huge time-memory tradeoff involved.
    In order to save space, these multi-out transactions are stored, tied to the sender only. When wallets process the block, all involved balances are updated. If you as a recipient want to know who sent you some in a multi-out, you have a very expensive database query to make, run-time wise.

    The reason for this design is very simple: You can opt for time OR space.
    The sensible decision is : space.

    If you need to find out who sent you 1$, that can be done. It is just not stored as a classic, separate,individual transaction and is therefore not easily accessible by the receiver. Displaying these multi-out in the user interface of the receiver might need some time to be implemented - there are other, more important things in the queue.

    And for the nitpicks: yes, this is a very nonchalant use of the "wrong" terms. I'm trying to answer a question without touching computer science stuff, as it gets complicated, fast. See

  • @Crypto-Ghostie I don't see an issue with it I just see multi out in another tab and I have a calculator.

  • admin

    @zapbuzz i just do not like the label, 'multiout payment' or something would have caused less confusion.

  • @luxe I totally agree and it actually feel kind of weird having a separate tab about payment history. lol. It does, however, work and makes the currency more flexible.

  • @vaxman This just make it look like they coded something half done.