Sent burstcoins from livecoin to my wallet address

  • Hi all,

    today I sent burstcoins from livecoin to my wallet address but until now I didn't receive any coin. Burst address was correctly entered but I left the message text field blank could that be a problem?

    Furthermore I can see my withdraw under my transactions in livecoin.

    Does anyone has an idea why I did not receive anything yet? The transaction was 4 hours ago.


  • Seems strange that they have not appeared. Might be worth checking the transaction on the block explorer to see what has happened with it. It is also possible it was sent as a multi-out transaction, which means the coins may actually be there, but won't show up in the transaction list on the wallet. The message can be left blank when sending to your personal wallet address, but is generally needed when sending to an exchange.

  • At the block explorer I do not really find my transaction but I am not sure if I am doing the right thing.

  • If you enter your burst address in the search box and hit enter, it will display your account. If you scroll down it will show standard transactions. If it is not showing, select the multi-out tab and see if it listed there. Failing that, post your address here and the amount/time you sent the coins and I can have a look for you when I get chance