GP's Shared Masternode BURST Assets Thread

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    -Subsequent BURST assets from GP's

  • today, monday 7/30/18

    I'm pleased to say that our assets have been operating smoothly in a holistic manner.

    we are supporting our BURST team by purchasing hosting from a trusted member of the BURST team. We are driving BURST coin purchases otc at large exchanges by paying in BURST so on into the future. And we're making BURST coin investors wealthier for our endeavor.

    • In regards to BURST coin currency conversion this upcoming payout 8/1/18- Unfortunately as we know Poloniex's BURST wallet is dysfunctional and they have a way of expediting these issues so they effect as many people as possible and for as long as possible (just kidding, but not really).



    I'm unsure of a reasonable alternative.

    if anyone knows of a comparable solution I'd be glad to consider it.

    I'd really like to get our dividend payments out on time.

  • @goodplanets how many burst do you need ??? Maybe if you're interested someone could sell them to you

  • Not sure if bittrex is up and running for burst, as I haven't checked for a couple of weeks. Usually a healthy market on there, but you need to be verified with them to withdraw

  • ccex is in reduced mode on odd days they open up but its not for long they be surfing beaches or sumthin'

  • coin market cap shows UpBit as leading the pack for exchange volume for burst .... im guessing its still functoning

  • I could just borrow from myself now that i think of it. I believe i'll have the BURST in my mining wallet if prices aren't too volitile.

    ok so just to clarify.

    dividends will be paid Wed the 1 of August.

    after that we go to weekly pay outs. it'll be better that way.

  • it looks like i have more options than I thought that I had so no worries on dividend payouts

  • Disclaimer:

    Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and therefore goodplanets may not be held responsible for price fluctuations in a coin. By deciding to participate in a shared masternode, it is inferred that you know and understand the risks.
    goodplanets provides near 99% up-time for all shared masternodes and have the highest quality server providers, however errors in the blockchain do occur or chain forks. Goodplanets cannot be held responsible for any issues which are out of our immediate control.

  • @goodplanets I want to take a moment to announce that physical and digital security for all GP Shared Masternode Assets is standard.

    That means all masternode wallets are backed up redundantly and the backup devices are stored seperately under lock and key.

    all masternode wallets are under digital lock and key.

    All goodplanets hardware is secured in a facility that has a security system and a digitally secure entrance which includes 2 deadbolted gateways and a personally keyed office door.

  • Upcoming Asset Announcement:

    GP's Shared Masternode Pool:

    A growing pool of Tier 1 and Tier 2 masternodes operated by goodplanets paying investors in BURST / BTC

    GP believes that diversity is key to any portfolio. By diversifying masternode projects within a pooled type investment GP believes it is possible to create a more stable and potentially higher on average return percentage for investors than any particular masternode return percentage average.

    By investing in TIER 1 and TIER 2 masternode projects that are relatively well established, GP can take advantage of more stable coin prices and create a more reliable return percentage for investors.

    Also, by giving GP the autonomy to manage this pool, GP may select the projects that are most suited for the pool at any given time.

    This means GP can make the most of new masternode projects and mature masternode projects alike with less risk.

    GP's Shared Masternode Pool will operate much like a typical BURST ASSET with many shares at an affordable rate that are offered in phases that support growth in an organic and paceful way. Not a cash grab but healthy infusions of funding designed to stage growth along a roadmap style project plan.

  • GP's will still offer singular shared masternodes and private masternode hosting

  • @goodplanets

    I'm gearing up for another Shared Masternode BURST Asset giveaway.

    GP's coming out of nowhere like a dormant volcano with the hot sh*t!

    FYI $BURST crew @ #cryptotwitter this one's for #discordians

    #BURST #BTC #Masternodes #giveaway #Cryptodiscord

  • @goodplanets said in GP's Shared Masternode BURST Assets Thread:

    By investing in TIER 1 and TIER 2 masternode projects that are relatively well established, GP can take advantage of more stable coin prices and create a more reliable return percentage for investors.

    for example:

    Tier 1 Masternodes

    • Dash
      ROI (ANNUAL): 7.7 %
      REQUIRED 1000
    • GINcoin
      ROI (ANNUAL): 134.0 %
      REQUIRED 1000 GIN
    • SmartCash
      ROI (ANNUAL): 56.9 %
      10000 SMART
    • MCT
      ROI (ANNUAL): 277.2 %
      REQUIRED 15000 MCT
    • Bulwark
      ROI (ANNUAL): 134.7 %
      REQUIRED 5000 BWK
    • SysCoin
      ROI (ANNUAL): 11.1 %
      REQUIRED 100000 SYS
    • Infinex
      ROI (ANNUAL): 117.9 %
      REQUIRED 1000 IFX
    • Zcoin
      ROI (ANNUAL): 24.0 %
      REQUIRED 1000 XZC
    • Phore
      ROI (ANNUAL): 38.3 %
      REQUIRED 10000 PHR
    • Pivx
      ROI (ANNUAL): 10.2 %
      REQUIRED 10000 PIVX
    • Ionomy
      ROI (ANNUAL): 58.8 %
      REQUIRED 20000 ION
    • BlocknetDX
      ROI (ANNUAL): 15.4 %

  • Tier 2 Masternodes

    • ALQO
      ROI (ANNUAL): 81.6 %
      REQUIRED 10000 XLQ
    • Condominium
      ROI (ANNUAL): 1,399.2 %
      REQUIRED 50000 CDM
    • Faust
      ROI (ANNUAL): 3,845.3 %
      REQUIRED 5000 FAU
    • Bifrost
      ROI (ANNUAL): 431.1 %
      REQUIRED 10000 FROST
    • Rhenium
      ROI (ANNUAL): 296.8 %
      REQUIRED 10000 XRH
    • LightPay
      ROI (ANNUAL): 650.6 %
      REQUIRED 1000 LPC
    • Nodium
      ROI (ANNUAL): 382.8 %
      REQUIRED 10000 XN
    • Mano
      ROI (ANNUAL): 301.5 %
      REQUIRED 1000 MANO
    • Deviant Coin
      ROI (ANNUAL): 180.7 %
      REQUIRED 5000 DEV
    • BitcoinIncognito
      ROI (ANNUAL): 398.0 %
      REQUIRED 3000 XBI
    • Hempcoin
      ROI (ANNUAL): 71.9 %
      REQUIRED 50000 THC


  • thanks @goodplanets that's very interesting

  • The Tier 1 MNs I'm pretty much on board with, I haven't heard of some of the coins, but, whatever. It's hard to keep up with all the projects out there. 😉

    Some of the Tier 2 masternode coins you have listed have already virtually bit the dust. Condominium and Bifrost in particular I would stay away from, as they are both experiencing lots of issues. I haven't heard of Faust, but based on the ROI, I would be leary of it.

    I have a very small investment in LightPay, I am not full convinced of their project, so I am just trying to ROI on it.

    Deviant went through a rough patch (thankfully after I ROI-ed on my investment), but I believe based on their response to some major coding issues, they have a solid dev team and a good roadmap to add future value to the coin.

    And the other Tier 2, I either have not heard of, or are not very familiar with project.

    Some masternode coins I would recommend considering adding to your list are Apollon, Stipend, Pac, Trittium and BitG.

  • @ariasentheyn

    yes my list is longer i am researching many projects and have found similar information you refer to.

    I appreciate your feedback. thank you i'll be keeping that in mind.

  • Hey @everybody

    GP here and i just wanted to come forth and say that I enjoy servicing the community and I plan on growing.

    I want to open the floor up to everyone and allow an open environment to explore everyone's curiosities about the 'Goodplanets venture'.

    But first I'd like to say:

    Look, I'm just a largely untrained and unspecialized guy, I'm 34, I live in the USA and my name is Alexander but my friends call me 'Lex'. I like the 'Goodplanets' name because it stands for something I believe in and I wanna share that with the world.

    • "Good planets are hard to find." I don't know who came up with that but I've adopted it and I'd like to see what we can do with it.

    I feel like we can come together and interact in a positive way that brings us wisdom and wealth and I'd like to be a part of it all and that's why I keep at it everyday, for the good of our community. That and I think that if we make it happen I, myself can carve a niche and hopefully find a career providing top quality crypto-currency investing for small and large investors alike.

    Now all that being said, I'd like to add a few things about what investors can expect.

    • All funds attained through BURST assets created by 'GP' Goodplanets AKA Me go to investing in Goodplanets investment strategies. No tokens are being sold for fiat or squirreled away until these projects attain '100% ROI' status or have reimbursed investors their initial cost in BURST.
    • Unsold shares of paying assets will go towards promoting the 100% ROI status of GP's assets that have yet to attain that status.
    • requests for specific services like private hosting for masternodes need only dm

    and finally

    I wish everyone the best,


  • @ariasentheyn how do you feel about LPC these days has it been good to you?