GP's Shared Masternode BURST Assets Thread

  • Dividend time!

    going out for the week of 10/8 - 10/15

    It was a good week.

    Wish everyone the best!

  • Hang in there guys, We're recharging our fund's value from losses of over half the funds BTC.

    Our portfolio has some positive aspects to it.

    I'm not going to waste the burst doing a token dividend this week either though.

    If you'd like to track the funds investments you may here:

    When the fund itself acquiesces BITCOIN for the unsold coins we hold we will run a dividend in BURST, as always, of course.

    Wishing everyone the best!

    speak with you all soon!

  • @goodplanets good news folks,

    • We acquired a GTX 1070 installed tested and mining in GP'sGPU farm.

    • I will publish vitals and go in depth of how we will build out the GPU farm asset.

    • expect higher returns immidiately and shortly afterwards (2-6 weeks) a slight bump in the GPsGPU farm asset sale cost (+ ~5BURST).

    • GP's MNPOOL asset is as of 11/2/18 BTC liquid up to 0.1 BTC

    • at current BURST rates if I bought back all 1500 some odd GP's MNPOOL shares at equal value each share would be worth 50.5 BURST

    • If anyone would like to sell out at any point for any amount of shares of the MNPOOL asset at worth the DM me.

  • @goodplanets

    • the cost of running XMN masternodes exceeds the value of the rewards

    • BE ADVISED - all GP's XMN Shared Node BURST ASSET share holders will recieve GP'sGPU Farm Asset in order to include said investors in the project.

    • The value of XMN shared node shares is YET TO BE DETERMINED.

    • XMN share holders should expect valuation and swap by 11/21

    • FAQ: Will i have to send GP anything??? NO!!!!!

    (I'll send you what belongs to you and the old asset shares will no longer pay dividends. you may send them to anyone after 11/21 BUT NOT BEFORE.)

  • @goodplanets more to come

  • @Everyone

    Today 11/19/18

    • dividends coming out for GP's GPU Farm BURST Asset

    • GPSMNPOOL report will be posted. (maintenance continues)

    • Investors who hold GP's XMN MOTION Shared MN BURST Asset Holder's will recieve payment via GP's GPU Farm BURST Asset shares prior to today's dividend.

    • From hence forth all XMN Shared Masternode BURST Assets will be inactive.

    Thank you for your attention to these changes.

  • @goodplanets what happens with Motion2, is still active???

  • @energy hes swapping motion 1 and motion 2 asset shares for GPU shares and doing away with both motion assets

  • GP's Shared Masternode BURST Assets XMN1 & XMN2 Replacement

    Assets 2663432644302202784 & 15388633570732959342 GP's Shared XMN 1 & 2 Masternode Assets will be inactive due to poor revenue.

    In lieu, wallet addresses with shares of said assets will recieve shares of GPSGPUFARM BURST Asset at a rate of 2 shares per.

    1 XMN share = 2 GPU farm shares

    Shareholders listed here:


    "2663432644302202784":"2":"BURST-5474-ESTR-7F5C-4BMHP":"6845313284473975039 "


  • @everyone

    alright, everyone may follow the link here to the GPU FARM thread and stay informed about how Goodplanets and the GPU Farm are doing!

    Wishing everyone the best!