V 1.1 Burstcoin Faucet Code

  • G'day Community,
    I released a faucet code on GitHub, which is written in Node.js. Feel free to fork (MIT-Licence), test and run it and help newcomers to get their first burstcoin.

    lovely regards



    0_1533400816918_e2a2f851-f573-4598-b736-2de5888e2672-grafik.png https://github.com/BurstNeon/burstcoin-faucet

  • We'll, I thought I would give this a go and see if I could get it running. So far, I have extracted the files onto the web at bluebookinvestments.com , and to access the verification page you need to visit /client. I am going to assume that I can rename that directory to something more sensible such as /faucet, but will look into that later. I have entered the api keys for recaptcha, and it allows me to verify that I am a human, but it then takes me back to the bluebookinvestments.com home page when I go to continue. Not sure what/if I have got something wrong at present, or if it needs to be in its own subdomain to bring the faucet page up, but I haven't set the online wallet up for ot yet, so it may just be that.....

    Other than that, it's looking good, and if I can get it working properly and slot some revenue generation onto the page, I will drop some funds into it and see how it goes

  • G'day @Bluebook, the hoster from burst-coin.es already has a version live of the current code http://faucet.burst-coin.es/ (subdomain). The redirection is that part if the verification is successful. (Make sure the domains is unlocked on Google ReCaptcha). For the wallet part, you can also use https external wallets, but I would suggest a local wallet. If you have suggestion, feel free to send a pm. lovely regards

  • @mrwho So, I have made a little progress, followed by a major problem....

    I had a look at the faucet you mentioned, and then set about trying to replicate its features

    Created the subdomain - faucet.bluebookinvestments.com, created a custom folder for the subdomain and extracted the download into it

    It looks like this -


    I updated the relevant files with API keys, burst wallet etc etc, and this seems to have gone through without a problem

    So far so good....

    However, on accessing the domain, I get a list of the files in the subdomain folder, rather than the verification page.

    If I copy the contents of the client folder into the root for the subdomain, I get the chance to verify (indicating that I have got the API Keys correct), but upon doing so, it just asks me to verify again and again (etc etc) and never goes any further

    Accessing via subdomain/client allows the verification to process, however once verified, it takes me to the subdomain and displays the following

    The faucetConfig.js file looks like this...
    0_1533421857584_c2fca9e8-edcd-4e9c-bd1f-9553fd55b227-image.png which I believe is acceptable for it to work correctly

    Now, I am possibly missing some vital piece of information, but I cannot see what, and a pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

  • Is there node running in backend or is it just upload in certain root folder without backend progress? Cause it sounds, that the content is just upload, but the faucet use .ejs files, which cant be redirect without a node process. So I suspect, that you send the header (form), but there isnt a handler for it, thats why you still on the same page. (just reload, cause cant handling the form).

  • @mrwho i just uploaded it. What do i need to install and run to get the the process to start and get it to use the ejs files?

  • Follow please the Installation guide on github, the software run on node (https://nodejs.org/en/). If you installed node or unzipped it in same direction like the project folder and installing the modules, takes around 5 minutes, then you should ready to go. Lovely regards.

  • @mrwho Looks good, you may want to add a way of limiting the number of possible claims per address too... 😉
    Just IP and captcha will not stop anyone trying to cheat...

  • Yes, there is already a procedure behind, so an account can only request a claim, if the account is unknown and also the balance not greater than 0.


    Implemented an optional Code-Verification-System.

    • Custom Option: Prefix/Postfix
    • Custom Option: Number of Codes
    • Custom Option: Length of Code
    • Support of third party application (for example with discord bot)

    0_1534251070443_3811e402-a711-4690-94d2-eadcfe27699b-grafik.png grafik|174x167

    Added Donation Address Field

    0_1534251050721_15d7b970-d469-44b6-8ff8-85c396584d9c-grafik.png grafik|619x485

  • @mrwho What are those codes for?

  • The randomly generated codes (with pattern configuration) allows to run optional a public faucet with chosen member, which can claim, for example if a pools decided to run a faucet, but dont wanna, that its general claimable, only for people who gets a faucet code from the hoster (from discord bots etc.) lovely regards

  • @mrwho That seems a neat feature... I think every pool owner should be aware of this, because it makes possible to make an automated thing in the pool, for end the "I need one Burst to mine", if all the pools have these codes implemented to their pool page...