Up to date blockchain DL

  • Hi folks anyone can direct me to a reasonably up to date blockchain data download?

    Using Qbundle.

  • 0_1533384818436_bootstrap.JPG

  • @zac123


    duh....thanks...new to the wallet..

  • @baron for future reference, leave your OP so that others who search might find answers to their questions, even if you think it was a derpy Q haha. 😎

  • My bad...regarding OP.
    I downloaded database then switched to Marian as heard that's more stable. That tookawhile, no probs but now it's stuck on 24 July 2018 downloading very slowly once opened the wallet...

  • I now have multiple problems..lol

    Finally downloaded other db.

    For some reason now when I boot up the wallet it says I have another wallet running, but I don't....not that I know, but could be related to the other db..

    Then when log into the wallet everything synced fine, I tried to mine, did all the recipient stuff, waited 4 blocks, etc then when I click to mine it says I have to download blago, but I have that installed already. I click download and then a massive box says it cannot find a part of the path..i.e. unhandled exception.

    This is possibly due to me being a mac man and not knowing much about pc viruses or permissions...I possibly have one very fcked up pc... lol

    I doubt there is an easy fix, so I downloaded blago and burstminer and thought I could configure from there directly bypassing qbundle. Keep getting JSON format errors...

    Trying to stay positive..lol

  • The other wallet/db running issue, you just need to select the option to run the new one rather than the one running. Make sure you have created an exemption for the whole qbundle wallet in defender as well. Ensure you have upgraded the whole qbundle application, but delete the blago folder before doing this.

    May work, may not, but worth a try

  • Thanks bluebook will try..

  • @Baron I'm my case which I experienced some of the same problems...Wallets opening twice after upgrade.. interface not displaying anything but error... But If all else fails you need to just delete all the registry entries for qbundle (in windows 10) then copy out your accounts.xml file then reinstall then bootstrap chain... Then copy back the accounts.xml file...this clears up all the issues and the wallet (which stuck at 2 different blocks) was working fine. If you are a mac man then open command prompt and type regedit then search for qbundle and delete all keys associated.