Scan times pre/post POC2

  • My POC2 scan times are identical to my old POC1 scan times. I thought POC2 was supposed to be faster?

    What miner programs are producing the fastest times CPU and GPU?

  • admin

    @rds Mining time with PoC2 is not going to be any faster, however mining PoC2 with PoC1 formatted plots would have taken twice the time. The "faster" post conversion is relative to mining unconverted plots.

  • personally I have gained a 15% increase in round time speed with poc2 with poc2 miner than poc1 with poc1 miner. from 43 - 47 seconds poc1 to 32 - 41 poc2 the speeds are slightly variable. Blago miner 12 seconds slower than Jminer. Capacity 68TB. My CPU is 4 core AMD @ 4.1 Ghz my GPU is AMD R7 360 someday I shall get myself something with more cores. Planning more capacity too.