• @keyd0s not that much of an impact really just accumulating SUQA, about 200 SUQA / DAY


  • consistently earning more than nicehash.


  • I've been hanging with the x22i algo mining community and these two software developers have been competing for highest hardware utilization.

    So, I'm confident we're earning at the most efficient rate because I've been testing each new release as they are published.

    T-Rex and CryptoDredge; The two 1080 TIs are stably pulling 12.5MH/S x22i which is pretty decent imo.

  • 0_1543685286962_c11200fa-f10f-4551-97dd-1ef4112a5643-image.png Mining SUQA is still superior to RVN and we're getting ready to lock 1000 more SUQA!
    0_1543685324309_40f335bc-2de0-4777-bfdc-99206bdb3268-image.png We're producing over 200 SUQA a day on average and we're steadily on track to hit our goal of 6K SUQA Mined and Locked.
    0_1543685351982_b4c98811-08f4-46e1-90d2-5c6da30c49d4-image.png I've pre-locked 6K SUQA so the rewards will begin immediately this coming December dividend.

  • by the way @Everyone , my mistake, the 5%APR is yearly not weekly or monthly. monthly the 5%APR will translate as an increase in productivity of approximately 0.42% Monthly.

  • @goodplanets so basically we're mining about $40.32 worth of SUQA a month and the 0.42% increase in SUQA productivity translates to about 17 cents. 🙂

    It's cool though, I'll buy the SUQA w my own pocket money we'll amass a small SUQA fortune and the compound interest shall grow.

  • @haitch another verified that flees, I request that their data be made public

  • admin

    @energy I actually messaged with him the other day - he's in the process of moving interstate, will be back online in a few weeks. I'll keep an eye on the situation.

  • one month later..

  • will be changing state on skate

  • I'm back guys,

    Sorry about disappearing like that. I had to relocate out of state. My gf took a job a thousand miles from home and the company ghosted her and we had to scramble to make ends meet but I'm back and after I set up we'll be mining shortly. due to my life getting organized in the short term I'm pretty sure the investment asset should be put on pause. Mostly RVN BURST with some SUQA BCO and BTS.

    I'll look into either reformatting or returning the fund to share holders because I don't have the same amount of time to dedicate to the task of defending investments.

    As for mining, we'll be looking into mimble wimble and the asset should go back online in March.

    Once again I do apologize for falling off the planet my life made a rash change and hopefully all for the best.

    I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding with me as we get re-established.

    In good spirits and cause.


    oh and I heard BHD dual mining w burst is a thing! sounds cool.

  • admin

    @goodplanets Thanks for the update, and good to see you back. Please keep us updated on the ongoing activities and future of the asset.

  • Yes,

    Thank you guys for your patience. We should be up and mining within a few days. The mining asset will go back online shortly there after.

    We're looking to dual mine BURST + BHD (any advice on that is appreciated)

    Also looking to mine GRIN with our GPU's

    I'm currently in the process of cleaning the hardware before reinstalling.

    Thanks again everyone,

    Talk with everyone soon!

  • WOW, folks, we're back online!

    We're mining RVN, BHD and of course, BURST as always.

    RVN is a solid decentralized project with a good use case and with a bit of development may even become the platform I pay dividends on. for the time being the revenue is enough to pay the power bill.

    BURST is our most loved super undervalued technically superior network and token that needs no explanation here.

    but finally a warm welcome to BitcoinHD which is new to me since i just woke up in NOLA, apparently it's growing in popularity and price which means profitability and market strength for the miners and sellers. (hopefully us)

    we're mining BHD in tandum with burst using BlagosAVX2 vs... (latest) and we're seeing read times of 40 seconds per 100tb @ 105tb total at the moment.

    Earning ~0.33BHD/DAY
    Mortgage = 0

    we could Mortgage 10% totalMortgage / monthly for 6 months and reinvest mining revenue.

    over 6 months time [6(0.1totalMortgage) + 6(reinvestRevenue) = totalMortgage]

    with a plan like this first from BHD mining revenue will occur in OCTOBER according to this plan.

    with a plan like this each month I would take 10% of totalAssetshare off the market with each mortgage deposit except for the first month, signifying the investors contribution.

    in this plan, at the end of the 6 month development phase, atleast 55% of the asset's 100,000 shares will be locked up and the rig will consist of 100 fully BHD mortgaged TBs that will be generating around 2500 BURST, 35 BHD. supported by 2 NVIDIA cards.

    1BD ~ 3,564 BURST

    -[1.4 million BURST a year in dividends,

    -would cost us a lump sum of 1.23 million BURST at todays rates to totalMortgage.]

    It's a mega volitile market so i think the deposit cash averaging is the way to go.

    follow me on this.

    according to 'The consistency and regularity of 'D-C Averaging' takes the emotions out of investing and you buy into your investments at their average price over time.

    Let me know what you think and we can grow this mining operation together.

  • so for sure,

    10% mortgage is going down in the next two weeks or so as tribute to current share holders and we will make sure all gp's asset share holders are in on the mining asset dividends before they begin.


  • Good news,

    I just learned "Renting the Mortgage" is the way to go.

    Turns out the pools are willing to rent the mortgage for 51% of the rewards earned by mortgage so we should be able to go live with dividends right out the gate.

    We've accumulated some BHD not a whole one yet but the rig is working.

    I've applied for full mortgage rental and will be reporting tomorrow about the status of our application.

    YAY let's make monies!

  • @goodplanets

    Since BHD mining is the primary source of mining revenue we should probably do the following.

    I believe it would be prudent to use RVN proceeds to pay power and the left overs to go to mortgaging the BHD mining system.

    Also, I believe it would be ok to use BURST to purchase BHD to mortgage the BHD mining system.

    Finally, I believe we should pay dividends to share holders from BHD mining and reinvest unsold shares dividend payouts into the BHD mortgage for higher BHD mining efficiency.

    BHD mining dividends will be paid the first week of every month.

  • @goodplanets i believe we were approved for a full mortgage (336 BHD)

    our production should improve by atleast 50%

    More to come...