[ANN]Goodplanet's Advanced Masternode Pool BURST Asset

  • Asset Id: 14198946602976829759
    Title: GPSMNPOOL
    Quantity: 100'000
    Description: Goodplanet's Advanced Masternode Pool BURST Asset
    Cost: 100 BURST
    Asset Decimals: 1

    Goodplanets is sensitive to the grab and go cash grabs that have occurred in the past and wishes for investors to rest easy knowing that Goodplanets seeks incremental growth that is manageable and within what Goodplanets has been known to be capable of, namely host and monitor various masternodes and communicate well with investors.

    This Asset is currently paying dividends and is powered by 5 masternodes shared doc:

    XMN Motion

    XRH Rhenium

    JEW Shekel

    CDM Condominium

    VTL Vertical (1x45% stake)

    The nodes Goodplanets is currently running are worth roughly $624.35 and are paying over 700% ROI

    90% of funds recieved will go to the development of the masternode pool and it's ROI% heavily weighted towards tier 1 and tier 2 masternode projects.

    10% of funds received in GP's Advanced Masternode Pool will be used in a strategic method to deploy capital into riskier projects that offer extremely high ROI early in development and dump the tokens earned masternode and all for profit into middle adopters and laggards.

    This asset is seeking roughly $75,000

    This asset will develop as investors purchase stake.

    current masternode development roughly represents 1% of that capital therefore 1000 shares of this asset will pay dividends prior to any further development.

    Goodplanets will add masternodes as often and as quickly as possible and manage this pool with autonomy to stay ahead of share purchases and dividend payouts.


    Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market and therefore goodplanets may not be held responsible for price fluctuations in a coin. By deciding to participate in a shared masternode or masternode pool, it is inferred that you know and understand the risks.

  • this asset will bring in over $12 a day in crypto-currency as it is now in large part due to the condominium node with over 1000% ROI

    This asset is a high risk high reward venture. if this hasn't been clear enough.

  • that being said, I look forward to implimenting stable and established masternode projects as the foundation of this asset to offset the risk of inflation with projects of higher % ROI.

  • I'll create a shared document that can be referred to whenever anyone is interested at seeing what the pool consists of and what trades were made flipping.

  • Dividends paid to unsold shares of this asset will be pooled and directed toward GP's Asset Share Holders that have yet to receive 100% return on their investment.

  • Have you looked into the service mynode.rocks?

  • I think I'm all good. hosting is sourced in house. can't think of a better setup. i just gotta do it my self. totally fine.

  • GP's weekly report

    GPSMNPOOL (14198946602976829759) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 215
    Summary of proposed distribution of 378BURST to 5
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 127093616 (Mon, 04 Dec 2017 11:46:56 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    176, BURST-YL97-TVHB-S6BA-6Y5EG, 309.43255814
    34, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 59.77674419
    2, BURST-WNQE-ALSP-SNE7-87UX2, 3.51627907
    2, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 3.51627907
    1, BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676, 1.75813953

    if share purchased between 8/13 - 8/20 then share has earned 1.76% Return.

  • Goodplanets Asset Map


  • Awesome Asset. This is what I want to see. 2k Burst from a 18k investment in 1 week. Awesome!

  • Here we go Dividend time!
    GP's Asset Map shows you the moves.

    We dumped CDM for little to no loss
    We lost around 10k burst on the SMK trade this week but we're making it up with the VVL trade.
    Our work horse XRH and JEW nodes are tired except Vertical perked up a bit.

    Anyway we could have performed better. hopefully we will make the most of this weeks trades and rewards.

    Here's the proposed dividend payout:

    GPSMNPOOL (14198946602976829759) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 967
    Summary of proposed distribution of 3091BURST to 11
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 128316796 (Mon, 18 Dec 2017 15:33:16 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    607.6, BURST-YL97-TVHB-S6BA-6Y5EG, 1942.18366081
    213.4, BURST-WNQE-ALSP-SNE7-87UX2, 682.12967942
    50, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 159.82419855
    30, BURST-HS47-6EWV-XVDW-D4BWQ, 95.89451913
    20, BURST-SP8N-FB45-CYE7-7PABT, 63.92967942
    13, BURST-ZYQR-2B5F-SBS5-7MKBV, 41.55429162
    10, BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676, 31.96483971
    10, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 31.96483971
    10, BURST-DJPL-Y24V-Z2MT-EPZQW, 31.96483971
    2, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 6.39296794
    1, BURST-C36H-3GZG-TXL3-4MCSX, 3.19648397

    the dividend will be payed by hand to save fees.

  • so a bit of drama I experienced running this dividend:

    At first glance I didn't think this week was profitable. I felt like the rewards GP recieved would most likely go to maintaining the value of the fund. I was wrong of course we did 'eek' a profit.

    This brought me to the thought that I'm not sure some investors had realized.

    Some weeks this asset isn't going to profit and therefor won't pay a dividend.

    I hope everyone realizes that the value of the fund is measured by the worth of the BURST sold to create the fund in BTC.

    Fund is estimated at 0.12BTC right now and I aim to base revenue off that principle for the time being until Goodplanets deploys further capital in the assets name.

    If the fund's estimated value falls to low then the rewards recieved from MN collateral may go towards maintenance of the fund's BTC Value.

    That means no dividend, or a dividend that is less than total proceeds from masternode rewards and the sale of masternode collateral.

    Anyway, if none of this makes sense to you I apologize please just ask me directly to clarify.

    But as always, still on the hunt for profits from MN rewards and as always wishing everyone the best,

    with love GP's

  • I put on some shares. Check em out

  • @Everyone shareholders particularly please participate in this twitter poll regarding the estimated value of GPSMNPOOL Asset



  • I'd like investors to be a part of the decision making process.

    this poll regarding reinvestment refers for this up coming dividend payment for 9/10/18 only.

    we can discuss reinvesting in the future, I'm just concerned about greed and growth both of which can be good, I think there's a healthy balance here we just gotta find it.

    So please follow the link above to be a part of the poll regarding the growth of our fund.



  • @goodplanets Hey Brother... been without internet connection for a week or so... Read the posts here and normally I can follow you but this time you lost me... What difference does the value of the asset mean to me... I mean are you asking if you should reinvest more and pay out less? I understand the matrix of payout based on profit... less payout or no payout correlates to less profit or no profit... But what benefit is it to me to double the fund value. Will, that effect payout and profit? Trying not to be too stupid... but I just turned 60 yesterday and the old brain synapsis are not firing like they used too... lol

  • @kingcajun what he is ask in general is a vote to reinvest a portion of the profits to grow the asset or to just payout the full amount as divs and not exspand ......... eg 5% would mean divs will be 5% less and that 5% would go to invest in additional MN's to grow the asset

  • @gibsalot ya @kingcajun cuz this ones gonna be big.

    the proposed dividend payout this week is upwards of 100k burst!

  • @kingcajun growth of the funds value means I can make more reliable trades and create profits like this more consistantly.

    and if you ever get tired of 'making bank' then you can sell your shares on a lively asset exchange market.

    so it's investing in the price of the share which can in turn create more value than a one time payment can, if you ask me.

  • OK FOLKS WEEK OF 9/10/18!!!!!!

    LISTEN UP!!!!!

    GP HERE!!!!!

    preface: what is about to happen to you please don't expect... ever... from any investment... This is unrealistic and unbelievable at best.

    BUT HEY!!! WE DID IT!!!!


    Let's be realistic, dividends like this aren't going to happen very frequently, we're trying to eek out a stable high ROI from mn ICO's it can be hit or miss...

    The profits came rolling in this week because I made significant bets on MN ICOs that had decent looking (predictable) charts. these opportunities do present themselves from time to time but navigating them can be difficult. We had a good week.

    Trust me, I am timid with your money, trust me, trust me, trust me, I ammmmmm... however these two opportunities presented themselves back to back and I was successful in navigating them in a fairly profitable manner. I actually could have done BETTER on these trades but I'm still learning. like a doctor or a lawyer 'practices' so does a trader.

    The revenue that we earned from GPs actions on the masternode markets were so significant that it warranted reinvestment.

    as a principle investor and operator of this fund I choose to offer part of this dividend as reinvestment into the very fund that created this revenue. I choose to reinvest because that's what smart people do when investing, especially when investing in themselves.

    Since I/GP choose to send part of this weeks revenue back to the fund I/GP think it's fair to let you the investors decide how much we reinvest.

    And the results are in!!!!


    6 of a possible 12 investors not including myself voted.

    0 votes for 5% reinvestment
    2 votes for 11% reinvestment
    1 vote for 22% reinvestment
    3 votes for 33% reinvestment

    33% of the dividend will be reinvested into the fund as per y'all.

    So clearly there was a hesitation to invest more than 11% or so by some. I understand that. I'm sure you will be appreciative of the increased potential a larger fund has to create a more steady stream of revenue and the potential for a larger fund to create a stream of revenue that is greater than the previous funds value.


    this fund generated 0.152BTC or 90986.25BURST after expenses.

    we decided to reinvest 33% of that or 30328.75 back into GPSMNPOOL fund.

    Remaining payout week of 9/10/18: 60657.5

    thats about 30BURST per GPSMNPOOL asset share reinvested and roughly 60 burst payed... what'd you guys pay for this asset? 100burst a share???? doing good!!!!!!!!

    the value of your shares should rise accordingly when buying or selling on the BURST Asset Exchange.

    I will be offering buy backs at or around 125BURST per share and if anyone is interested just PM me personally.

    That's that for this week,

    Wow, just wow, here's the proposal! and as per usual i'll be paying the divi's manually to save on fees!!!111...

    GPSMNPOOL (14198946602976829759) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 1000
    Summary of proposed distribution of 60657.5BURST to 12
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 128900680 (Mon, 25 Dec 2017 09:44:40 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    357.6, BURST-YL97-TVHB-S6BA-6Y5EG, 21691.122
    276.4, BURST-HBLR-HSPH-VTJH-AUY5Q, 16765.733
    220, BURST-WNQE-ALSP-SNE7-87UX2, 13344.65
    50, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 3032.875
    30, BURST-HS47-6EWV-XVDW-D4BWQ, 1819.725
    20, BURST-SP8N-FB45-CYE7-7PABT, 1213.15
    13, BURST-ZYQR-2B5F-SBS5-7MKBV, 788.5475
    10, BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676, 606.575
    10, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 606.575
    10, BURST-DJPL-Y24V-Z2MT-EPZQW, 606.575
    2, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 121.315
    1, BURST-C36H-3GZG-TXL3-4MCSX, 60.6575