Active Asset's

  • Hello everyone as i have been around Burst for around 2 years now i have seen alot of Assets come and go for various reason's. and i have seen the AE climb to massive volumes and high's as to make some of the current DEX exchanges envious , but for nearly a year now the AE built inside Burst has been almost flat lined with no volume and a mass exodus of Assets ither scamming share holders outright , failing for other reason's, or my favorit still being active but going completly silent and steadily pushing the lenght of time between div payouts longer and longer till people forget about them.
    I have noticed recently some new Assets poping up as well as some actual activity on the AE .
    I want to get a list going of Active Asset's running on the Burst AE.

  • @gibsalot I use google documents for stuff like that.

  • @gibsalot me too... and lost a lot of Burst to asset scams so I am very leery of buying into any these days... All the investments I lost were from mined burst and I still have not recovered back to where I was originally... however I believe @goodplanets and what he is doing... his masternode assets have changed my mind... and next... my pocketbook... I get what you are saying we do need a good list of good assets... I like the fact that GP takes no fee until 100% ROI for the investor... I think other assets should stand up and take notice... 🙂 Have a good one!

  • I had a Google spreadsheet to track all that at one point, but I stopped keeping up with it when most assets buried their heads in the sand. Here's a link to it, I could open up editing to a few people if they want to help keep it updated:

  • @ariasentheyn - looks good but i don't like all that i'm reading.

    gosh, seems like a lot of asset creators struggle when it comes to the management of their own asset. I as an investor, I have learned a lot from the BURST asset exchange, I usually avoid it.

    As an asset creator, on the other hand, I seek to change that sentiment. I hope to be an example of an acceptable asset creator and operator in the eyes of the Burst community.

    Thanks for the shout out @kingcajun I appreciate it.