[ANN] Bluebook Investments Corporate Bond

  • Good day to you all, and thank you for having a read of this [ANN] post.

    Bluebook Investments is pleased to announce the next WORLD's FIRST for the Company in the form of the FIRST EVER CORPORATE BOND issued on a BlockChain.

    ASSET ID - 519211175795795006
    Name - BBICB1
    Price - 10 BURST

    This will be in the form of a NON-DIVIDEND paying Asset. Before you stop reading after seeing NON-DIVIDEND paying, please continue to get an idea of how the Corporate Bond will work.

    The first thing is that the Bond has been Issued at 10BURST each, and their are 500,000 Bonds available for purchase.
    Your purchase of a Bond is an agreement between yourself and Bluebook Investments for Bluebook Investments to purchase the Bond back for up to 105% of the price you paid for it after a period of 12-24 months.
    Your Bond investment will be used to make large scale investments which are easily liquidated over a 3 month period.
    Bond BuyBacks will be placed periodically for those who wish to release their capital once returns are being received into the Bluebook Investments account to allow BuyBacks to be placed
    At the end up the 24 month Bond Period, the investments will be liquidated (or partly liquidated) to enable a Final BuyBack to be put in place, and this will remain in force for up to 6 months, after which time it will be removed, and any holders of the Bonds will need to request a special BuyBack authority through a thread that will be created once the final BuyBack is closed, and this will be available for a further 6 months in addition to the 6 months of the Final BuyBack

    So, why should you invest in a Corporate Bond?
    Instead of Bluebook Investments having to make regular dividend payments for small amounts, which is both time consuming, wasteful and difficult for investors to track, a Corporate Bond allows clearer transparency over what you have actually received in return for your investment

    As you are aware, Bluebook has been verified by @haitch , so your investment is not going to disappear overnight into some black hole


    Please check our main Asset ID for verification that Bluebook investments do what they put on the tin - Main Asset ID - 15580101995156730213

    Thank you for reading, and we look forward to you joining us in yet anothe WORLD's FIRST for cryptocurrecny, BURST and Bluebook Investments

    As always, Happy BURSTing

  • For those that are still interested, and managed to get past the NON-DIVIDEND paying sentence without having a heart attack, here is how the Corporate Bond will be structured -

    All Bond Sales Income will be invested in a seperate vehicle for Bond Investments. This will be administered through the main wallet, but be accounted for seperately on the accounts

    BuyBacks will start to be provided once a sufficient amount of income has been earned from the investment. These will also be administered through the main wallet

    The Bond has been launched, but will not be live until a sufficient amount of Bonds have been sold. Until this time, the income from sold Bonds will be held in the main wallet

    Currently sold bonds -
    34 Bonds Sold
    499966 Bonds Unsold

    Happy BURSTing

  • Quick update on the Corporate Bond.

    Current Bond Sales are now 144 Bonds
    Value - 1440 BURST

    Once enough has been raised through the Corporate Bonds, the BURST will be invested into the various platforms for earning. Once this has been done, BuyBacks should start to appear on a regular basis within three months of the investments going live

  • tried to look it up but asset exchange wouldn't function normally at this stage @Bluebook if you could reserve 1440 Burst worth of bonds for me so I can pay you directly to a wallet and you transfer them to my account

  • @zapbuzz no probs, shoot me a message when you send the funds and i will send some over for you

    Wallet address - BURST-7P3S-ZDCP-HD29-BW3HM

  • funds sent @Bluebook

  • @zapbuzz Corporate Bonds transferred

  • Glad to be part of the project 🙂

  • PHASE 1 of the Corporate Bond has now been implemented. This is an investment in STEEM, which is running within the main Company holding. It is being listed seperately on the accounts, with 2 seperate sheets allocated to the Bond Investment. The first sheet shows how many bonds have been sold, the date they were sold, and the date they were invested (it will also show the date and value of the buybacks on the bonds). The second sheet will show the % of the STEEM (or other) investment as part of the whole Bluebook Investments portfolio in that particular currency. This sheet will also show the current value of the Corporate Bonds Investment against the invested amount.


    Stay tuned for updates (infrequent at first, but as the Bond grows, they will become more frequent)

    Happy BURSTing

  • So, I thought a quick update on the Corporate Bond performance would be in order (even though it has been less than a week).

    The Bond investment has got off to a slow start, and with the slide in most crypto's prices it has caused a big dent in the value of the investment. This should hopefully be reversed in the short term with stable growth occuring shortly after.

    Bond investment value is currently down nearly 20% (some of that was taken in transaction fees, so in reality it is only down 15-17%), which whilst it does not look good, is not as bad as it could have been.

    Currently the bond stats are as follows -


    This shows an increase in the overall holding of the main wallet and the Bond with a 6.37% ratio.

    Diversifying the Bond investment is the next stage I will be looking at, as this will enable any poorly performing parts of the investment to be offset by better performing areas

    To help ease things, I will be looking at making a further personal investment in the Bond in the next few weeks (personal finances permitting), either through buying more bonds or simply through a cash injection, and when any buyback is placed on the Bond, I will personally sit out and not sell my personal Bonds back for at least 4 weeks after the buyback is placed and announced on here (although I am planning on holding for the very long term anyway), allowing all other investors a fair opportunity to sell their bonds back to the Company when a buyback is announced.

    Once the bond has matured, and the buybacks have been completed, any remaining investments in the Bond will be rolled into the main wallet, and become a part of Bluebook Investments wider portfolio.

    As always......

    Happy BURSTing

  • Welcome to the Corporate Bond update

    It has been a troubling few weeks for the Corporate Bond, with the Hardfork on the STEEM network causing problems for the majority of STEEMIT users, and hammering the price of STEEM. The situation appears to have been resolved in the last couple of days, and things are returning to normal, so the Corporate Bond should be able to climb back towards (and past) 100% of investment.

    0_1538299917881_0728c843-cd76-43e9-a8fd-babd9f82681b-image.png 30/09/2018 634.26 43.510 6.86% BURST 3,793.99881551 BURST 4,080.00000000 92.99%

    Stay tuned for updates, and as always HAPPY BURSTing

  • Today, I am bringing some sad news about Bluebook Investments. Due to ongoing personal issues, I will unfortunately have to wind the asset up as I no longer have the available time to commit to running the asset. Effective immediately, I will be setting in motion a share buy-back and also a Bond buy-back so investors are able to recuperate their investments in the Company.

    I would like to thank all those who invested for your faith in the Business, and wish you all the best in the future


  • @ZapbuzZ The BuyBack of the Bond has been set up. Feel free to sell the bonds back to me at a profit (as promised when you purchased them)

  • ok cool uh i'll see what i can do edit they're up for grabs right now .... merry christmas @Bluebook

  • i put it up as the same price as i bought it i think so if i earned extra plz credit me to my address it was cool to be one of the first to have a part in this historical event someday when it is common place they'll see us in the beginning lol

  • @zapbuzz all good, they have been bought back off you at 10.5 per bond (your initial purchase was at 10 per bond)

  • oh ok cool merry new year @Bluebook i will join in again when you have time 🙂