Wallet not working on 2.2.2

  • im running 2.2.2 and when i double click on the burst icon to open the wallet - 2 wallets open! I have not followed any of procedures yet - wanted to double check here to see if anyone knows the issue before I start making any changes. but - why does 2 windows open and it is a blank white screen on both no matter what wallet I choose on either wallet page...? What do you recommend? And I have already bootstrapped a month ago... should I uninstall entire wallet and reinstall from scratch? It does not seem to ever connect to a wallet neither online wallet since I upgraded last... Thanks!

  • I should also add - if I close a wallet the shutting down wallet progress bar sits there and will say shutting down wallet for days.... Never ever shutting it down and always says downloading block chain 0 GB/MIN and never grows...

  • @pintje73 had the same problem... after weeks of trial and error I finally edited the registry (Windows 10) and deleted all instances of qbundle. I copied out the accounts.xml file and reinstalled completely. Then bootstrap chain or I believe you can copy out the database which I did not. That fixed my double open issue.

  • @kingcajun thank you when i get home I will try that out - at work now. Its just been bugging the heck outta me lol. Thanks again...

  • @pintje73 I feel your pain for sure... Qbundle GUI does not work well (yet) but all the underlying parts do. The asset exchange inside of qbundle does not work for me on ver. 2.5.0 but when I open the local wallet in chrome browser it is there and working fine. You are welcome and happy bursting!

  • The last i was informed by the Devs was try to make a new Mari DB and bootstrap that.
    Or dont bother with the local Qbundle wallet atm.
    This was directly from CG´s private discord channel.