PoCC Pools on fork blockchain ?

  • Hi,

    my BRS Wallet 2.2.2 is at 526002 and the PoCC are on 526012 at the same time.

    The Explorer cryptoguru shows the Block 526001 as the last block at 2018-08-22 18:20:31.

    So i am thinking my wallet is on the correct Block with 526002 but the PoCC Pools run on block 526012.

    So who is correct ? Some forks out there ?

  • Rather strange, but the difficulty has dropped significantly from an average of about 250-300PB to between 100-125PB Possibly correlated, but wouldn't like to say for certain, but on checking some of the online wallets, they all appear to agree on the correct block number (currently 526007).

    Wonder if someone will call shenanigans or chicanery, particularly if it is just the PoCC pools which are on a different block?

  • Pools now showing as forked (assuming POCC ones are at the top of the list, that is interesting) and all others which were stuck are now OK. Difficulty still hovering around 100PB area, so all appears to be good so far (unless your mining on a forked pool) and block numbers are starting to converge so it should clear itself up when the forked pools update their backend. Can't be doing with BURST and whatever a forked chain gets called, as that would cause a headache, and PoCC would only support whichever chain they had been mining