Wallet 2.2.2 gets stuck time by time and some strange Block winings

  • Hi,

    i found some strange behavior on Wallet 2.2.2. Every 2-3 day it suddenly stucks. For some reason exactly at that time i can see a block wining. First time i thought it was my fault and that i didn't see a block wining but after three times of that happening i am sure that my CreepMiner (1.8.3) shows a block winning which doesn't exist.

    On my deadline overview i can't find any block that should have been wining something. But i am thinking this one:

    When wining a block the wallet chrashes or get stuck so i can't see the wining block deadline.

    Then I restart the BRS 2.2.2 Wallet and it goes on like normal. But in some days this "winning Block stuck" comes again.
    Technically i should win some blocks during some but the last 7 days i didn't won anything.

    So i can't find the issue but i think there is one issue.

    What are your experiences any hints ? Could there be some forks out there and i am permanently on the wrong fork ?

    What I don't like are the dominance of the PoCC Pools, i think this isn't good for burstcoin. Why are no more solo miners or some other big pools ? Could this be a part of my problem ?

    Thanks for all answers,


  • @burnme I can only answer to the last part, there are no more solo miners or are more spread out in more pools because people are very comfortable and they go to the pool that they see has more miners without looking if that is right for them or not .
    I've been mined in one of the pocc pools and for me it was not the most profitable

  • One of my vps wallets keep crashing and same as last time I complained lol Small chance the vps so might try a different one.


    might have to make browser larger to read it.